Performance Testing- Definition, Tools and Types.

In a general engineering term, performance testing means to measure and evaluate the varied functional aspects of any product, structure, material and even individuals. However in the broader sense, it can be defined as evaluating and measuring each and every feature of a particular software system. Additionally, it implies the efficiency, stability, reliability as well as the scalability of the concerned software.

How to Write a Killer Press Release for the Virtual World.

Press releases get a bad rap. The sad fact is that the bad rap is often justified. Many companies use press releases for everything from minor updatesto the company picnic. A killer press release invites curiosity, builds excitement and contains a hook that attracts the attention of reporters and journalists who want to know more. Follow these tips for writing a press release that gets noticed.

Is Your Business Making the Most of Social Media?

Social media platforms aren’t just a part of our personal lives anymore. Recent figures show that out of the top Fortune 500 companies, 77% of them are active on Twitter while 70% engage with their customers through Facebook. We’ve seen usage has increased dramatically in the last decade in particular. There are over 7.2 billion people on the planet today, and around 2 billion of them have an active social media account.

This represents a 29% global penetration rate, and as people living in fast developing countries like China, India, and Brazil start to log in these numbers are only expected to grow. That’s a huge potential audience for your business, if you know how to make the most out of each platform.

Cheapest Dedicated Server Providers for Hosting Resellers.

If you’re reading this article, there’s every chance that you know all about the benefits of investing in a dedicated server and using it to start your own web hosting reseller business.

You know that, with the online economy continuing to grow, and with shared hosting plans serving as the backbone to a large portion of online businesses, there’s perhaps never been a better time than now to start a company for yourselves and meet the demand for quality, affordable hosting solutions.

Technology’s Impact on Money Transfers.

Technology works incredibly fast in a lot of sectors, but in the money transfers and remittance sector it has been a slow revolution. In the last ten years, the way people transfer money has changed significantly, most likely to meet the demand of international remittances, which in 2014 was expected to reach $582 billion.  

What Is Gaming CRM Software?

Gaming and casino customer relationship management (CRM) software provides assistance to the casino managers, so that they can easily monitor their paramount asset: players. Casino CRM software is the most effective tool that is used for customer service and marketing. The software allows casino managers to track the repetitions of the customers in their casinos, which further help them choose the specific promotional and rewards schemes based on the potential and the preferences of the players.

Aristocrat Casinos

Aristocrat is the Australian slot game manufacturer, which has brought numerous top video slots online via strategic partnerships with Next Gen Gaming and Game Account Network. These games can be played on the top gaming and casino websites. People can go through Aristocrat casinos reviews list in order to know more about the casino. One of the biggest advantages of playing any of the Aristocrat slots is that they have relatively higher pay out ration than the land based games. The Aristocrat Software Company has a rich gaming history, as they started making slot machines in the 1950s. Now, the slot machines can be found all around the world.