10+ Most Popular Android Games.

By Anurag -

Android is very popular when it comes to internet powered devices. Be it a PDA, Smartphone, tablet android is rolling everywhere in the place. Android offers more than 2, 00,000 apps in the market android have made its great place in the tech world. Flexibility is one of the key features of the Android OS, due to which it has gained popularity in the tech world as compared to the other OS. Here is the list of the popular games which you can download on your Android device from the android store. Android store is an online software store from where people download games and apps developed by the Google.

1. World War

World of war is the game best suited for the people who love action. This is the game which is favorite of many. It is an action based game and you will have to plan a lot of strategies to win the game. You can play this game with your family and friends online and have a great time together.

2. Angry birds

Everyone is familiar with the angry birds. This game is topping the chart of the games everywhere this is one of the most addictive game which you can too download on your devices. This is one of the most to have games on your android devices.

3. Replaica island

This is the game for the adventure lovers. A great time pass and very interesting game for Android users. There are forty levels in the game which you have to cross over to win the game. From the mystery island you will start the game.  The game is amazing and you will reveal several mysteries of the island one by another by clearing the levels.

4. Air controls

This game is surely going to give you its addiction. It is loved by all age groups. You just have to land your plane on the runway accurately to reach to the next level. There are different levels which you will be clearing.

5. Gem miner

This is the game in which you just have to do is to dig and dig to get gems. This is your job to find different metals, gems and ores and you will discover something new when you will find any metal. This is a great way to kill time with entertainment and fun.

6. Bonasai blast

This is a combination game and a great way to kill time. You will have to shoot balls of the same color to create the combination of three to four balls to win the game.

7. Abduction

This is adventurous and most entertaining game. You will have to rescue your friend   who has been abducted by the aliens. This is the game for the fun loving people. You will send UFOs fulfill the adventure and check power packs to get through.

8. Sketch online

On the Face book you will find a similar game but yet this game is quite popular. You just have to sketch out a given word so that your friend can guess   the word in the given time. This is a great time pass by which more than one person can enjoy playing this game.

9. Bebbled

This is the game only for the hardcore’s, the game includes thirty levels and three different modes to play including online, free style and campaign mode.

10. Robot Defense

This is one of the most entertaining game having lots of robots. This game is a based on sci-fi and offers some great practice for the game lovers.

11. Open Sudoku

This is the oldest and popular game that has ever existed in the world of games. And now it is also available for the Android users.

12. Home run battle 3D

This is the game for those who are great fans of sports. This is the baseball game with nice 3D experience. You just have to make high score and make as much as possible home runs.

13. Brain deluxe genius

This is the game for the geniuses. You can test your ability and skills with the help of this game. This game makes your mind smarter and sharper. You can download this game for your kids which will help them in learning while having great fun.

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