5+ Free Android Desktop Manager.


In recent times, there are so many OS platforms available in the market but Android is one of the top most famous OS developed by the Google. Most of the users prefer to use Android OS and the number of its users has reached approximately 225 million and rising regularly. This platform has made its presence in the mobile phone industry a few months back and seems a very great future ahead due to the presence of its numerous users. Due to these reasons, Android developers are constantly creating numerous attractive and powerful apps or desktop managers for this platform.

People are eager to know about the desktop managers, what are these. You can be made this concept crystal clear to you, if you have ever used and known to Nokia PC suites for your Nokia mobiles and these are that software which permits you for connecting your mobile phones with your laptops or computers. Android desktop managers are similar to Nokia PC suites which help you in order to attach your Android mobiles or Smartphone with computers or laptops for Windows OS. With the help of this software, you can operate Wi-Fi on your computers via your Android mobile phones, sync your messages, videos, contacts, emails and many more. You can take a look at some best Android desktop managers for your computers, mentioned below:

1.       Android Sync-Manager Wi-Fi

This software tool permits users for syncing contacts with the Microsoft Outlook. Android Sync-Manager Wi-Fi is one of the first computer sync software available for Android mobile or smart phones in the market. You can get rid of wires or cables in order to connect with PC. With this software, you can directly send messages to PC within your mobile phones. Beside contact synchronization, you can sync videos, music, pictures and even you can transfer the downloaded Android apps from your computers to your mobile phones. You can get this software in the form of free trial versions from the official site.

2.       Airsync

The Airsync is an Android Desktop Manager available for Windows laptops or PC’s. The main aim of this software is to cut the cord and contains a double twist. You can stay away from the wires by using this cool and handy tool. If you want to live your life without wires, you can use this double twist tool. By using your Wi-Fi connection, you can sync messages, music, videos, playlists, photos and many more without wires.

3.       91 PC Suite

By using 91 PC Suite, you can sync pictures, contacts, messages and videos between your Android smart phones and computers. This software is available from the Panda app’s house and can be considered as one of the other Android Desktop Manager available for free of cost. This tool is also capable of syncing your call logs and you can get this free tool from the official website. It is available in Chinese language as a default version but you can modify it depending upon your requirements and preferences.

4.       Wondershare Mobile Go

Wondershare Mobile Go is one other Android Desktop Manager available for using and downloading which permits the users for doing all the common tasks such as images, emails, messages and videos synchronizations. In order to know more about this, you can check its official website on the internet.

5.       MyPhoneExplorer

MyPhoneExplorer tool is available initially for Sony Ericson mobile phones in order to do synchronization with computers or laptops but in these days, this tool is available for Android Smart phones as well as because it have been upgraded to the Android platform. By using this great tool, you can gain a complete remote control of your Android mobile or smart phones on your computers or laptops.

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