5 Link Building Techniques That Won’t Get You into Trouble.

By Anurag -

Link building implies gaining or earning new backlinks for your website. This technique is basically part of a search engine optimization process. Unless you ask a professional to do it, the process is usually very sophisticated, time consuming and careful. This is because of the latest changes in the search engine algorithms.

People see Google as the main search engine, although it not from some points of view. For now, the search engine optimization process concentrates around it.

How is link building done?

Link building used to be done randomly. Obviously, when you get some backlinks on other websites sharing the same subjects or domain, you might get some organic traffic as well. Other than that, the natural visitors are only a matter of time, since you keep gaining in rank and at some point, the search engines display your website among the first results. But then, the new Google Penguin bans the irrelevant links and penalizes such websites, so you must be careful about it. The new process is difficult because it implies building hundreds or thousands of links and they must target the precise same industry. It is careful, but also time consuming, as you need to do it on a regular basis. Therefore, in order to do things by the book, you need to follow some basic rules and adopt particular techniques only.


First of all, it is imperative to come up with some high quality content. When the users like what they read, they recommend it further. Whether they add a backlink to their blogs or a few forums and discussion boards, you are a winner. But then, the content must be very attractive and convincing.


When you run an online business, the product or service you deal with must be highly appreciated. The high quality is essential. Again, your past customers will review it further. If you don’t care about them and you think you earn something for tricking them, they will get back at you through negative reviews or testimonials. In conclusion, try to concentrate on a good quality.


When you consider registering in a few web directories promoting links and spreading backlinks, do it in some prestigious ones. Don’t concentrate on worthless names no one has ever heard about. Instead, go for high quality directories, such as Yahoo! Or Dmoz.


Try to establish serious connections with others in your domain or industry. If you sell honey, get in touch with other manufacturers or beekeepers. Exchanging links with someone in the same domain automatically imply getting some relevant links, so don’t hesitate to do it.

Discussion boards

Finally, contribute to any relevant discussions you might find, whether you like blogs, forums or discussion boards. A link in a signature can be very useful when the signature is in the right place. Therefore, a forum in the same industry is essential, otherwise Google Penguin will keep hunting you.


There are always solutions to come up with a good and clean link building process, without bothering about new ideas search engines come up with. As long as you are careful and count on quality, there is nothing to worry about.

Guest Post by Srikar of http://seohalt.com/. Srikar is a tech enthusiast, blogger and an Internet Entrepreneur. He is also into SEO Services for more than 2 years now and is known for High Quality Link Building Services. You can check out Guest Posting Service. Follow him on Twitter @srikar_web.

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