5+ Most Popular Apps to Edit Audio / Video Files in Android.

In this article you will find useful information about the amazing android apps which can be utilized to edit video and audio files. Today camera on the mobile phone is a very basic feature of all the mobile devices. It is very hard to imagine having a phone without a camera. As the technology got advanced day by day mobile features such as quality of the cameras on the mobile phone became better and better. These cameras are being used by a number of people and it is used for taking pictures and recording videos.

So, what you will do if you will need to edit the video which you are already having with your device and what if you want to convert the audio file into a ringtone on your mobile phone? Your phone must be equipped with the video and audio multimedia editors. In this case you must have a solution which you can easily find on the internet.  There are thousands of apps especially for the Android users. You can download them easily and enjoy the features.   Here is the list of the free android apps which you can download on your android devices.

1. Vid Trim- Video Trimmer

This app is good and you can easily edit your videos and can cut your audios on your devices. This app saves you lots of time it trims your audios and videos within few minutes. It will trim your audio or video and will save the new clip in the folder automatically. It is must to have trimmed on your phone.

2. MP3 Cutter

As the name indicates Mp3 Cutter it is used to cut videos and audios on your cell phones. There are many times when we like some part of the song and want to keep it is as a ringtone or alarm. The Mp3 cutter will do the job for you. It is very simple and easy to use. You just have to press the start and the end button from where you need to have the song. Mp3 cutter can only edit Mp3 files.

3. Ring tone maker

This is a free app which you can download from the center with this app you can create ringtones with your audio files. The best feature of the app is that it supports numerous formats such as WAV, MP3, 3 GPP/AMR, AAC/MP4 etc.  With this app you can create reminders, tones, alarms and notifications as well from the different support formats.

4. Android Video Trimmer

This is one of the most flexible editing tools which hold the ability to perform different functions. You can share, split and trim  your videos to convert it to mp3.it also has the feature to split one video into two, set them as wallpapers, capture video frames and several other features. Those who like to experiment; this video are great for them.

5. Mp3 Media Converter

With this app you can easily convert your media files into audio files. It can convert the files into numerous formats such as mp4, flv, mp3 and 3gp with this app you can even convert your video into your ringtones.

6. Andro Media Video Editor

With this great app you can create videos that look professional. With this you can improve your personal videos by applying various transitions and effects using Andro media. You can easily find this app on the android stores. This app is free and amazing. There are several other features of the app such as it can also trim and combine videos. Andro media video editor supports different formats such as png, mp4, mp3, JPG and mov. To have more professional looking apps get this app now.

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