5 Things the Internet Changed Indefinitely.


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The Internet has changed a lot of things – it is pretty unreal if you pause and take a moment to think about it. At the present time, there are more than 3,430,678,000 users in the world and the number continues to grow every second. This means that around 40 percent of the world’s population has an Internet connection – pretty remarkable when you consider that in 1995, it was only 1 percent. More and more people constantly have access to the web and all of its perks, which means our world, as we know it, is constantly evolving.

Take a look at these five things that the Internet has changed (forever) in the past two decades.


The Internet provides an invaluable and profound role in education. Technology has greatly expanded access to education, allowing students in all regions of the country to experience a thing that used to be something only an elite few had access to. Today, the free and high quality education at one’s fingertips is endless, from books to videos to audio. In addition, formal opportunities are available around the world through podcasts, online degree program, MOOCs, and more.


More and more businesses allow their workforce to work from their homes instead of in an office setting exclusively. A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found an increase in the number of businesses that offer telecommuting than those offering nearly any other new benefit. Telecommuting appeals to many people because it allows people to save money and precious time commuting to and from the office. Saving an hour a day gives telecommuters more time to do things they enjoy and allows for more time with family. In addition, it’s been proven that people are often more productive when working from their home.


Technology is advancing more rapidly than we are able to follow and it seems that today, people can find many sources of entertainment from their very own home. If you want to watch films, turn to Netflix. If you want to compete with your friend playing online games, jump on your Xbox or smartphone – all from the comfort of your couch. While traditional entertainment isn’t a thing of the past, what’s available at home does give those places a run for their money.


Back in the 1980’, when people traveled or lived far from their loved ones, they would get in touch by phone, phone booths on a street corner, or handwrite letters. Sometimes it would take weeks to get a response. Now, 30 years later, friends are never too far away, thanks to the Internet. Someone can live on the other side of the world, and with the help of social media and free Internet calls; we never feel that far away.


Before the Internet, going to buy groceries and clothes meant traipsing to the store and carrying bags home. Today, many groceries offer home delivery of purchased products, or the ability to order online and pick up your merchandise at the store. This helps, once again, people save time and money. The desire to make purchases online is growing – many people appreciate the fast service and free shipping on sites like Amazon.

The Internet revolution has made more and more of our daily activities performable from our homes. We don’t need to walk or drive anywhere to live a full life. While these changes don’t appeal to everyone, no one can deny that the world we live in has drastically changed forever and that the speed of change is remarkable.

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