5 Tips to Protect your Smartphone from External Damages.

By Anurag -

The most beloved Smartphones can be at risk from external damage when the owner does not know the proper ways in which he can protect it. The popular Smartphones tend to be really expensive and they can be easily harmed when a person drops them on the floor or treats them without care. The problem is that these phones are really expensive and it can mean that buying a new one is a great financial effort. One of the most sensitive parts of a Smartphone is without a doubt the screen and the manufacturers try and make them more resistant by using coatings and good glasses.

But the owner needs to take extra measures in order to protect the screen in the proper way. By ruining the screen there is no way that the phone is ready to be used. In order to make things better here are some ways to protect the Smartphone from any external damages.

5. Screen protector

The screen protector is actually a thin foil of plastic which is stuck on the display. Its main function is to prevent the screen from scratches that look so horrible, but which can also affect the functionality of the touch screen. There are many types of protectors and they can be normal, anti-glare and even privacy inducted. The highest price if that of the anti-glare protector, but on the other side this type is great when it comes to fingerprints and removing them. Also it can be replaced with ease if by any chance it is damaged. You can apply the protector on your own or visit a phone shop to get better assistance.

4. Do not press the screen

When it comes to touch screen, there is the great temptation to press the screen harder than it was designed to do so. By poking the screen the commands will not work better on the contrary there is the chance for the entire screen to be damaged. Also no one should put anything heavy on the phone and especially in the display. It may crack in an instance and it is a really bad idea.

3. Get a case or a pouch for the phone

In many cases the Smartphone ends up inside a bag or in a pocket together with other items like keys or coins. With friction these things can harm the Smartphone so it is advisable to use a case or a pouch in order to protect it from such things. If someone resists buying such an item, then he should not let the above mentioned things in the place where he keeps the phone. This is sufficient enough to prevent the screen from being damaged. Protecting the screen is really important.

2. Clean the screen

It is really important to clean the screen on a regular basis. In this way all the dust and the smudges caused by fingerprints will easily disappear. Too much accumulated dirt can make it difficult to use the screen. In this way maintaining it safe and looking good is a real challenge.

1. Handle it with care

It is vital to handle things with care. Smartphones are really sensitive and can be dropped with ease. Some of them are large and they can be handled with difficulty with only one hand.

In conclusion the only way to make sure that the Smartphone will live happily ever after is to give it as much care as possible. Actually it is quite an investment and no one would like to see it ruined and to see the downside of having to buy a new one really soon.

James is a techie and loves to play with his iPhone 4s. He uses iPhone 5 cases from Case Mate to protect his beloved gadget. He often blogs on various technology blogs like this one as a guest author sharing his insight on tech.

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