8 Excellent WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Site.


WordPress is one of he most used and preferred blogging platform all over the world. One can use any blogging platform like Blogger also, but wordpress has much more advantages than blogger and we get various advantageous functions and options which help us to choose wordpress as our blogging platform.

We can choose from a variety of themes and plugins to customize our blog and its performance. We can use any type of plugin to improve our blog’s performance and speed. In this article I am writing about 8 most used and preferred wordpress plugins that helps you to speed up your blog and decrease the load time of your blog and speed it to a huge extent.

1. DB Cache Reloaded Fix


One of the best and most used wordpress plugin to improve your blog’s performance and speed to a large extent. By installing this plugin and modifying it properly we can easily improve the load time of our blog and speed it up. This wordpress plugin also comes with an option to clear the cache of your blog after certain time interval so as to keep your blog load time speedy and equivalant.

2. Hyper Cache Extended


Its another plugin used by most of wordpress users and is almost another version of Hyper Cache WordPress plugin.If you ever open your site on ay mobile platform like in any mobile browser, it will load very much fast. This wordpress plugin will make your site very very fast and your visitors will be very happy surfing your website and stumbling it.

3. Quick Cache


This is one of the most used wordpress plugin used to speed up your blog. This plugin is very easy to modify and use and also provide the option to empty the cache after certain time interval. If you are using logging function in your blog, the people who will logged in your blog will feel a much better experience than those who will not.

4. W3 Total Cache


Just another plugin made to speed up your blog and improve its loading time. Most of the bloggers and webmasters love to use this plugin because of its simplicity and results.

5. WP-Cache


This was the first wordpress plugin just made to speed up your blog and improve its loading time. This wordpress plugin was made in 2007 and its still used by millions today.

It also somes with the option of which pages and posts should be cached and which should be left.

6. WP File Cache


This wordpress plugin has somewhat different functionality, despite of caching the whole page, it only caches up some part of it and improves your blog’s loading time and speed performance.

7. WP Simple Cache


Another well known wordpress plugin used for the task to improve your blog’s loading time and speed up our blog. It generate HTML files and decompress them to use in our blog and speed it up to some extent.

8. WP Super Cache


The last, but not the least wordpress plugin that can help us to improve our blog’s loading time. This wordpress plugin comes with several other plugins that can help us to reduce our blog’s loading time and improve its functionality.

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