Android Apps for Instant Messaging.

By Anurag -

Android users are increasing day by day and so are the Android applications. Out of tons of applications only few are widely accepted. To name the few, Whatsapp for Android and Face book for Android.

Facebook Messenger.

No doubt Facebook for Android is must have application for all the Face book addicts. According to a survey 1 person among the every thirteen is on Face book. Needless to mention that many users want to access Face book on their smart phones. This application ensures fast Face book browsing as compared to traditional browser. Furthermore its distinguishing features include:

  • Faster browsing
  • Easy and multiple image uploading
  • Slide out panel
  • Easily accessible options
  • ¬†This application gives you the same environment as you are browsing the complete website on a computer or laptop. The best thing is its speedy surfing that keeps you happy all the way. In addition to this photo uploading feature has been improved a lot and now user can upload multiple photos, tag people, create albums and add places easily. Even you can make any photo your profile picture or profile cover just by visiting that photo and hitting the right option. The slide out panel gives you access to your Groups, Pages, Friends list and Applications. If you scroll to the bottom, older feeds will load automatically. You can update status, create event and add places easily.


whatsapp-chat-androidWhatsapp for Android is an application that allows you to send free messages and photos all over the world. It is very beneficial for those who want to send messages around the globe. Moreover you can start a Group Chat also for up to 10 people. This application is very easy to use. When you open it very first time, the application automatically scan your contact list and list all those who are using Whatsapp and surely you will find a large number of people using it. Moreover if someone is not using you can send them simply an invitation email. In addition to this it automatically adds in the list if your any contact joins the Whatsapp platform. Application is fairly easy to use, and you can send texts and images with a great ease. The best security feature includes the data encryption means whatever text or images you send is encrypted and is completely safe and you can use it without any hurdle.

The application is free to use for the first year and then charges a negligible amount of 0.99 $ per year.

About Author: An article is written by Hammad Baig, He is a blogger, marketer and an android lover and loves to write about android trends, Gadgets also basic tutorials.

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