Best Android Apps to Track and Manage your Expenses.

By Anurag -

In Today’s busy Life, Most of the people are not aware enough to keep track record of their valuable Money.Sometime this cause them the lost or waste of the money.If the same happens to you, and you have owned an Android Smartphone, here i am going to give you some finance management applications for Android OS.If you have a Expense tracking and budgeting tool on mobile,this can be a great chance to be free of all those worries.A list of 4 Best money tracking and budgeting apps for Android Smartphone which help you out in a lots of way.

Lets Have a look on them you can download them from Android Market.

1. PageOnce

PageOnce is one of the top and finest app used for the expense control and money management. It automatically tracks and manage your money, bills,investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards,text and data usage. For this, you just have to store your login information of your account in pageonce. And after that you just relax, and the app will manage all your current bills and account balances by reminders and providing you the options to pay the bills directly from this app.

While most of the apps only track your mobile bill account and money only.PageOnce has an excellent feature allowing you to keep all the track and record of your mobile text , minutes and data usage. The Calender shows you of payments due in a quick overview of month. As many major credit card companies and banks are supported in this app, You can also track your bank and credit card transactions once you setup the direct connection with your bank, right through this application.

2. Mint

Mint is a popular and free online budgeting app. It allows you track all the expenses, income and saving funds. The main feature of Mint is that it provide you the facility of holding the private information of your budget, expenses and credit card details; by dividing the finance in categories, like savings, checking and credit cards.  But in case what happens, if you lose your mobile or misplace it then..No worries about it. your all information is password protected, which allows you to enhance the security of your money. Mint automatically check your bank account and gives you the current statement information of account.At the end of the week or month, there is a graphical presentation of the expenses, showing that where you spent most of your money and where you saved it. 3.

3. Expense Manager

Expense Manager is also a really simple android app to keep track your income and expenses with cash flow. Get over the paper piece or register for tracking of your expenses and install Expense Manager in your Android. Special application built for you to keep the record of your daily, weekly or monthly finances and ability to track multiple accounts, schedule the payouts and recurring payments, emending alerts and much more. which allows you to access the current currency exchange rates to deal with the foreign currency dealing also.

4. Expense Control

An application for Android system giving the ability to users to manage the expenses and income. Giving you more control over your expenses and income, it allows you to make a report on your weekly or monthly saving and spending. It also gives you the password protection of your private data and accounts information. Export and Import option makes it easier to backup your finances and expense, supporting the English and Spanish language. Expense Control gives you the power to manage and organize your budget expenses via creating Custom categories and sub-categories like Home, Shopping, etc. Here it is all Guys. Choose one of them and you all done with managing your finances and android means you can also update your account statements immediately working in a totally safe environment.

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