Blog Protector is a wordpress plugin which can Protect your valuable blog content as from getting copied.Many Bloggers simply copy-paste the content from your blog without giving credit to the original source.This plugin basically disable the text selection & right click which will make the bloggers difficult to copy the content.


  • Disable right click on your blog.
  • Disable selection of text on your blog.

You must enable the features from options page to protect your blog.

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Que : I Activated Blog Protector,But Disable Text Selection is not working.

Ans :

1)Got To Design Section of your WordPress Admin Panel

2)Click on Theme Editor & Then Select File Footer.php

3)Now insert code? <?php wp_footer();?> exactly before the body ending </body> tag. & now your blog is Protected.

Note : Few tricks can be applied and the content can be copied.I am currently working on it.

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