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5 Android Trading Apps.

Trading on stock markets can help to make a decent fortune. However, investors and speculators need some skills to play in these markets otherwise such trading can be little more than conventional gambling. Over the years technology has improved the speed of transactions on these markets. Speculators also have access to live stock charts and analysis so that they can take decisions faster and more accurately. Several tools and apps are available with user-friendly interfaces that provide the streaming quotes in the real time. Therefore, the work of investors and speculators has come down considerably. Today, there are trading apps that can also be used on mobile phones.

3 Qualities to look for in an App Developer.

If you have a great idea for a mobile app, it could be your ticket to making a considerable amount of money. However, you may not have the technical and computer skills that are necessary to make your app a reality. Obviously, the creation of a mobile app is not something you can learn how to do in a day by reading a few articles or watching a video. A great deal of skill is required for this sort of work. Many of the best apps were created by entire teams of people.

Android’s Security Woes: Wake Up Google, Before it’s Too Late.

Android security has long been a hot issue of debate in tech media, with a significant majority agreeing that the mobile operating software has a knack for attracting trouble. Year after year, the growing magnitude of the threat is being highlighted in mobile security reports by the likes of Kaspersky and F-Secure, whereas experts are pin-pointing the gaping holes in the platform’s defenses. Exploitation of these holes is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, with apps like hitting the digital market.

5+ Android Apps For Photography

Android from Google provides an outstanding mobile platform to the user. The increasing number of new devices in the Android Market gives rise to numerous interesting applications. These Android apps provide the end users the scope to enhance their creativity.

8 Android Apps To Enhance Battery Life.

Well everyone is aware of the androids popularity. It is gaining day by day because of its best features related to most amazing apps. The new version has been recently launched having an ice cream sandwich. But one of the important problems with such operating system is the battery life.


5+ Free Android Desktop Manager.

In recent times, there are so many OS platforms available in the market but Android is one of the top most famous OS developed by the Google. Most of the users prefer to use Android OS and the number of its users has reached approximately 225 million and rising regularly. This platform has made its presence in the mobile phone industry a few months back and seems a very great future ahead due to the presence of its numerous users. Due to these reasons, Android developers are constantly creating numerous attractive and powerful apps or desktop managers for this platform.