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5 Ways to Prep for Mobile Readiness Before 2015.

Mobile readiness arrived in 2014, but unfortunately many businesses just aren’t ready. In fact, the majority of American businesses don’t have a website at all, let alone one with responsive design and mobile readiness. However, it’s not too late. You deserve to go into 2015 fully prepared to serve your mobile customers (who are now the majority) and it’s easier than you think. However, it starts with getting the right developer(s) on your side.

5 Strong Reasons Your Online Webinars are Failing.

While some webinar programs offer some significant benefits to those hosting online conferences, many of the reasons that webinars fail are because of the presenter him or herself. Where a robust webinar service like ClickWebinar will help connect you via numerous types of devices and market your presentation through social media while giving you less to worry about in setting up and drawing people to your online events; the time saved in that regard should be used to create an interesting and informative webinar that’ll get you an increasing number of viewers through word of mouth alone.

4 Updates to Make Your Web Design Evolve with your Business.

The business goals you set for your company are the roadmap for your strategy and success. Small Businesses in particular need to be flexible and often have to adjust their business goals. Many business owners forget that their website needs to be as agile as their businesses to be a cost effective and scalable asset. Here are four things to consider when you update your web design so it stays as agile as your business.

Why Your Company Should Be Paying Attention To Apple’s iOS 8 Enterprise Features.

Apple announced iOS 8, it’s latest mobile operating system, in late September to significant fanfare. However, this release isn’t just relevant to consumer markets. Companies have much to gain from Apple’s increased hold across business sectors. Whether your employees use their own personal devices at work or in-house technology, the iOS 8 features for businesses can help you maintain confidential data with increased security.

Quick Tip : What You Need to Know About Domain Registration.

When you’re starting a website, it’s important to have a good domain name. Whether the website is for a blog, for your business, or any other reason, a great domain name can set you apart from the competition. Choosing a name that is not only easy to remember, but also helps establish your business identity is key for a successful launch; over time, it will help to build your brand and establish you as the type of organization your customers want to work with.

Networks of Data Centers : Infographic.

Data Centers Connecting People and Information

Whether you are wholly aware of it or not, you are currently connected to millions and perhaps billions of people all around the world. Through the technology of cloud storage, people can share photos, music, and more with each other. It is all too easy to take our connections to data and to other people for granted but the actual amount of data travelling back and forth between nations is hard to ignore.