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Quick Tip : What You Need to Know About Domain Registration.

When you’re starting a website, it’s important to have a good domain name. Whether the website is for a blog, for your business, or any other reason, a great domain name can set you apart from the competition. Choosing a name that is not only easy to remember, but also helps establish your business identity is key for a successful launch; over time, it will help to build your brand and establish you as the type of organization your customers want to work with.

Networks of Data Centers : Infographic.

Data Centers Connecting People and Information

Whether you are wholly aware of it or not, you are currently connected to millions and perhaps billions of people all around the world. Through the technology of cloud storage, people can share photos, music, and more with each other. It is all too easy to take our connections to data and to other people for granted but the actual amount of data travelling back and forth between nations is hard to ignore.

IT Service Management : 3 Big Questions Answered

With technologies changing, developing and predicted to change the world all the time it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s hot, and what’s not. Every day there is a new piece of software, an incredible new mobile app or a new social networking site that is likely to become “the new Facebook.” Some fall by the wayside, others become incredibly popular among businesses and members of the public alike, but those designed for company purposes are the ones that need paying the most attention to.

Common SEO Strategies for Your Business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a hot topic for many businesses. With the right SEO strategies implemented on your company’s website, you can see a boost in visitors and a higher conversion rate to customers. Whether you are working with a SEO Montreal expert or you have your own SEO professionals on staff, here are some of the most common strategies that can make a big difference.

Advantages of Live Chat Customer Service.

Live chat services are the mark of businesses that take customer service seriously, and every business that wants these services must work with a company that can create the live chat portal. When a business is running a live chat portal on their website, they are much more likely to make their customers happy. These services work much like a live call center, but they are must easier for the customer to use.

5 Industries That Need Mobile Readiness.

It’s official: 2014 is the year when mobile readiness is a reality and not just the future. This means there are more people using mobile devices than desktop gadgets in order to access the internet. Gone are the days when you could cater your website to an iOS, Android, smartphone, desktop or tablet.