In the digital age, setting up your own business has become easier than ever. In just a few clicks and with the minimum of work, you can make full use of online services that can help you to get in business in minutes. However, many of the challenges faced by traditional businesses still exist in the online world – and ensuring that your shiny new company has enough cash to function and expand is the most important consideration. Read More

Look at any successful e-commerce site these days and you’re likely to see a search box located prominently on the main shopping page. I know; that’s not really big news. The obvious reason for that isn’t really a mystery, either. Everyone knows that getting customers to the right product as quickly as possible is the first step in online sales, right?

Yes and no. That basic premise is important, yes, but is it really where the process begins? Not for the majority of the top-selling online shops out there. Their site searches are critical to their business for more powerful reasons that most of their shoppers know very little about. Yes, finding products is part of the equation, but the first steps happen in the background, before the potential customer arrives. Read More

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence will soon represent the biggest leap in computer technology since the creation of the internet. Machine learning algorithms stand ready to revolutionize the way we interact with computer systems and assets, forever changing the way we look at the technology industry. These cutting-edge A.I.’s will take digital autonomy to a whole new level, creating unique opportunities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of current systems. Advanced A.I. will be able to bridge the gap between current autonomous ITSM software, like SysAid change management software, and an almost entirely self-sufficient software solution to manage ITSM on a larger scale than ever before. Read More

When you schedule an employee to show up to work, you fully expect them to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the shift. When a client schedules an appointment, you anticipate that they’ll show up. Unfortunately, no-shows are becoming increasingly common both for employees and customers. How you deal with them could mean the difference between losing money and staying afloat. Thankfully, there are some technologies that remove some of the friction from this pain point. Read More