“Call now,” the infomercial urges, and it displays a number at the bottom of the screen. “These are going fast.” The infomercial throws in a special offer, but the clock is ticking. The customer reaches for the phone, dials, and orders. The infomercial has worked, and not just because it sold the product: with the feedback from the phone call, the company behind the product has now learned a little more about how the infomercial fares with viewers and which time slots and channels are best for the infomercial. Read More

Over the years, movies and T.V. shows have portrayed Las Vegas as an ultimate party destination where you may come across poker tables, slot machines, fancy bars, and cocktail servers. However, that’s not all. Las Vegas is gradually gaining reputation as an ultimate destination for entrepreneurs. In addition, given the pace at which is entrepreneurs are showing interest in Vegas, it will be soon ranked amongst the leading hubs for startups. Read More