If you have come across the internet, then you may find a lot of tips regarding winning a lottery. But the point is, these tips usually don’t work. The tips may range from lottery frequency schemes, software that picks up a better lottery number and many other methods. But to be honest, there exist no certain way that would determine the number that would come up in the lottery results. The drawing that takes place is mostly random, and the best that you can do is pick up unique numbers in Online Lotto such that you won’t have to split the lottery prize in case you win it. But, there are probably ways through which you can increase your odds of winning the game. Read More

You there! What are you doing? I bet it‘s not creating virtual reality PC games! Well, maybe you should be doing just that! VR is kind of at its infancy right now, and this flower has yet to reach full bloom. It‘s perfect time to get into the VR racket and produce a few games that would get you entry into the industry. And what the industry wants is stylized graphics and low polygon assets. Take a look at several examples of this wondrous approach. Read More

Agar was the game that unexpectedly spread around the world and rose to the top of popularity charts, even though it was pretty simple and straightforward. Even its makers could not anticipate the popularity it garnered all over the world. Its successor is here now, Slither. Unlike boring bubble growing, Slither is exciting because it involves elongating a live animal that moves fast, twists, turns, and even explodes if it crashes with other snakes. Read More

How can 90’s kids forget the game that kept them hooked for hours with its simple yet addictive features? The Snake was possibly one of the most popular and most played game in the 90’s. But with the advent of smartphones and a plethora of games, Snake had lost its popularity. But after decades, a game that seems similar has become the top most downloaded games in recent times., which is based on the simple gameplay of Snake, has topped the charts of the most downloaded games. It topped on both Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store by iTunes for iOS devices for May 2016. Read More