Social networks are one of the best place to promote our business and offers to the whole world. We can use any type of social network for our work, either for our blog promotion or for internet marketing. We all know the effectiveness of facebook and twitter on our daily based business. We can shout out whatever wee think in our mind to all our fans or followers with a single mouse click. Facebook and twitter are mostly used websites for these purposes. Read More

What are you planning to do with all that upcoming vacation time? It’s almost 2016, so if you’ve got vacation days, it’s time to use them. Additionally, your employer is likely to offer long weekends and mid-week time off because of the upcoming holidays. If you’re a gamer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be bored during your vacation. You’ve got the following titles to keep you warm and cozy all week long. Read More

If you download movies, softwares and games from the internet, then you will observe that the downloaded file extension is .ISO. Now, this is called an ISO. File? To make it easy to understand, Wikipedia describes it as “An ISO figure is a collection file (or Disc Image) of an ocular device.” The file annex can be .CDR for Mac OS X or ISO for WINDOWS. Read More