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4 Benefits in Using Facial Recognition in Innovating Printing Technology.

Biometric solutions have caused a lot of reactions from various sectors from awe to disbelief to doubt and mistrust. The use of this kind of technology is no longer new as it has been around for some time that it doesn’t come as a surprise why it has been used as a security feature in various forms but perhaps one of the most recent uses of the technology is in digital printing as in the case with the new machines of Fuji Xerox.

Networks of Data Centers : Infographic.

Data Centers Connecting People and Information

Whether you are wholly aware of it or not, you are currently connected to millions and perhaps billions of people all around the world. Through the technology of cloud storage, people can share photos, music, and more with each other. It is all too easy to take our connections to data and to other people for granted but the actual amount of data travelling back and forth between nations is hard to ignore.

Addressing problems with TV interference.

Contrary to popular wisdom, it is still perfectly possible to receive television through an aerial. Indeed, since the digital switchover of a few years ago, where signal strength at transmitter was substantially increased, aerial reception is better than it has ever been.

The App-Aided College Student – Campbellsville University Infographic

How can I deal with Nuisance Calls?

Nuisance phone calls are a growing problem. Indeed, the modern British household is inundated with them. Consumer group ‘Which?’ estimate that eight out of ten people received one in the last month, while Ofcom claims that around a billion of them are made per year in the UK alone. The problem has grown to such an extent that it has prompted government intervention; plans have been made to lower the threshold for punitive fines against offending companies.

The Growing Impact of the Internet.

At this point, the Internet bubble is a thing that feels like the distant past. In the 1990s, the Internet was new and people still did not know how far it would go. Some people thought it was just a fad, saying that people would never want to remember difficult URLs or give up older technologies. Others were incredibly optimistic, jumping all over new websites so that their values shot up. When the .com bubble burst, things leveled out a bit, but it was clear that the Internet was here to stay.