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Get the Latest Version of jQuery on WordPress.

Most modern webpages use some form of JavaScript or the other. Even a simple textbased website can use JavaScript for a variety of purposes such as expanding or collapsing lists, social media buttons, rearranging elements, and many other pieces of functionality that may not even be visible to the end-user. While there are many JavaScript implementations and libraries, the most common one happens to be jQuery – a JavaScript library that allows developers to hook into a wide range of functions to perform a variety of tasks. So important is jQuery to the proper functioning of most websites, that having the correct version is critical.

5 Gadgets Every Artist Should Know About.

With the latest in technology, art doesn’t exist solely on paper, and those who do use paper can use more than just traditional supplies. More and more artists are discovering the joys of tech gadgets made just for them. Whether you’re an artist looking for something to make your processes easier or looking to broaden your horizons in the digital art world, here are several tools you should know about.

How To Get The Best Deals For Techies.

With so many gadgets and electronics products being released from tablets to 4K Ultra-HD TV’s and so much more it can be difficult to decipher where to go to for the best electronics’ deals so you can spend the least amount of money on your new high-tech purchases.  Groupon Coupons allows you to have easy access to thousands of coupons that you can print or you can download an app on your smartphone to save considerably on gadgets from a variety of stores.  

MBA vs. MSA: Which Master’s Degree is Right For You?

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is the most popular advanced degree in the United States. Business degrees currently account for more than a quarter of all master’s degrees [1], but current statistics group MBAs with more specialized business master’s degrees including the Master of Science in Analytics, or MSA. While MBAs still make up the majority of advanced business degrees, some experts suggest the growing popularity of courses like the MSA has helped business qualifications overtake the master’s in education [1].   

What is the difference between Programmatic and RTB?

In the world of digital marketing, the terms programmatic and RTB have become commonplace, but there is still a great deal of confusion over the difference between them. Some industry experts say that programmatic is an extension of RTB, while others state that RTB is a feature of programmatic. When it comes down to it, either could be considered true, as the two strategies are intrinsically linked. Let’s look at each one individually so we can understand the difference between them.

Four of the Fastest Growing Jobs in Healthcare.

The health care industry is growing rapidly. This is creating abundant job opportunities for people willing to get the proper training. If you think you would like a job in health care, one of these four high-growth positions could give you a rewarding career with good job security.