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The Top 4 Fitness Mobile Apps.

Mobile apps focused on fitness encourage people to start or maintain their fitness routine and preserve their health. Let’s be clear, modern men and women don’t have much free time, so it is the best idea to use the time for physical activity in the best possible way. The vast majority of people today practice a sedentary lifestyle which ultimately leads to many serious health problems. One of the reasons why we practice such lifestyle is the fast advance of technology. People spend too much time in front of their computers and mobile devices.

Best Smartphones Under Rs 10,000 with 2GB RAM.

Smartphones are revolutionizing the technological world by providing a fast and glitch-free user experience. The Random Access Memory (RAM) determines the speed and efficiency of a smartphone. Higher the RAM, faster is the speed of opening and closing applications. There will also be no lags in a phone that has a good temporary memory.

The Rise of the Retail App: Statistics Suggest That 55 Per Cent of Shoppers Now Use Mobile Applications .

Unless you’ve been living in the wilderness for the last couple of years, or you’ve chosen to secrete yourself away under a rock, then you’ll have noticed the rise and dominance of mobile applications.

Unheard of until the recent past, they have infiltrated society, reaching their insidious tentacles deep into our lives. We use them to find the most cost-effective car insurance, to locate our nearest ATM, to read reviews on books and restaurants, and even to meet new people and start relationships.

5 Ways to Prep for Mobile Readiness Before 2015.

Mobile readiness arrived in 2014, but unfortunately many businesses just aren’t ready. In fact, the majority of American businesses don’t have a website at all, let alone one with responsive design and mobile readiness. However, it’s not too late. You deserve to go into 2015 fully prepared to serve your mobile customers (who are now the majority) and it’s easier than you think. However, it starts with getting the right developer(s) on your side.

4 Ways Your Smartphone is Ruining Your Sleep.

With all those great sleep apps out there, it’s surprising to think that your phone might be detracting from your sleep quality. However, it’s true: Technology has a penchant for disrupting circadian rhythms in even the deepest sleepers. The good news is that you can do something about it. Remember: Sometimes technology and sleep go together like fences and sheep, but sometimes they clash.

Cross-patform mobile apps development with Xamarin.

Whenever you are faced with the need to create a mobile application, you have to make a decision – to go native or cross-platform. Native apps run perfectly well, which is all you need if you targeting a specific platform. But if you need your app to work on both iOS and Android as well as Windows devices, the native approach is not the best choice, since you’ll have to hire a separate team of developers for each platform.