We caught up with Freddie Figgers of Figgers.com to find out what he sees in the future for cell phones and their technology. Figgers did stress that a lot of this would be guess work, bearing in mind how quickly the industry changes and evolves, but thought the following 5 advances would be a pretty solid bet for anyone out there looking to see what the future may hold regarding mobile communications. Read More

Nowadays, alongside by means of electronic mail spam, an additional kind of spam for calls and for messages. You may possibly contains by now obtained for example calls of advertising which be able to exist deals calls or pre-traced communication calls is cooperated. The ordinary thing in all types of these calls is to endeavor to endorse manufactured goods, their facilities, aspiration or perfect for you. These types of calls are frequently a pain for you particularly at the time when you are full of activity or grace with your presence at a gathering and symposium. Read More

We live our lives with our Androids. They are the solution for every need of ours, and even recreation. So it is only natural that Android will have a lot of entertainment apps to choose from. Everyday 20 thousand new apps are submitted to Google Play Store . This clearly indicates that we are basically spoilt for choice. But there is this other problem as well. How do we know which ones are the best? Which one to pick for installing on our apps? Read More