Mobile apps focused on fitness encourage people to start or maintain their fitness routine and preserve their health. Let’s be clear, modern men and women don’t have much free time, so it is the best idea to use the time for physical activity in the best possible way. The vast majority of people today practice a sedentary lifestyle which ultimately leads to many serious health problems. One of the reasons why we practice such lifestyle is the fast advance of technology. People spend too much time in front of their computers and mobile devices. Read More

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. This could easily be said of the life and times of the mobile developer in 2016. The smartphone market is more mature than it has ever been. The fact that growth has stalled is actually a good thing. Developers can stop struggling to keep up with massive changes, and write stable, polished software for devices that will be largely the same from one year to the next. On the other hand, it has never been more difficult to make a living writing apps for the mobile space. Read More

Sports are something that everyone can understand. Not everyone is necessarily a fan, but the concept of deciding who is the fastest or who scores the most points is straightforward. Our understanding of sports is visible in the sports analogies we use daily–hitting a home run, backing up to punt, and running as a dark horse. Read More

Everyone loves technology and apps that can make their lives easier. There’s a reason Apple’s famous “There’s an App for That” ad campaign remains so iconic, even more than half a decade later. The idea of there being a mobile application for every task—from looking up gas prices to checking the weather to choosing the beer you want to drink—is something that appealed massively to the ever-growing smartphone community. Read More