Today’s fast-paced technological environment has us connected to our devices more than ever before. With so much activity happening online, it comes as no surprise that we leave a massive digital footprint in our wake that’s easy for cyber criminals to follow. If you are targeted for attack by a cyber criminal, they will attempt to exploit weaknesses in your personal and digital security protocols. Don’t give them a chance, here are seven ways you can protect yourself and your data from theft and fraud. Read More

Just a few years ago, those concerned about home safety installed a deadbolt, locked the windows, and maybe installed a remotely monitored security system. Today, homeowners and landlords alike opt for smart home devices to protect their properties from theft as well as to simply increase day-to-day convenience. Unfortunately, these technologies that should be improving security may actually be compromising it. Read More

Now when the term “security” is mentioned, many people’s first thoughts go to antivirus programs, protecting their bank information from hackers, or to real time security monitors they have installed in their home. However, there is a large portion of the industry that’s missing in this train of thought: physical security. That’s right, we’re referring to a team of people patrolling an area either during or after business hours to keep it secure, safe, and free from unwanted trespassers.   Read More

Is your home office or business premises as safe and secure as it should be? Unfortunately, many freelancers and self-employed people find out when it’s too late that they should have taken steps to prevent burglars and other intruders from entering their home. However, there are many ways you can address this issue before your home-based business becomes the latest target of this type of crime. Below are some home security tips every freelancer and self-employed individual should be aware of. Read More