It used to be the case that email scams were easy to spot – a Nigerian prince giving you a large amount of money, a lottery you won but never entered, or even a family member in crisis abroad – but scammers are getting smarter. They’ve developed a new target: the office. Read More

When we think about cyber security for our personal devices we know to cover the important bases. These include getting proper security software, backing up your data, and using having strong passwords for our accounts.

If you are doing those things you are already on the right path to ensuring your safety online. However, there are several basic things that many users are not doing that are putting their computers at risks. Many are some of the simplest steps that users often do not think about. Read More

Spending sleepless nights over the security of your family? This is common in today’s world as safety has grown to be a concern for many. Although this can be easily avoided by being smart and alert about the needs of your home. There is need to understand the concept of smart houses for the modern people who are living in plush apartments in cities. It will help to bring in a lot of peace in your life by the means of providing a sense of safety without having to spend a fortune. Read More