What does sailing, photography, and camping have in common? They are all about gear. They are just grand excuses for geeking out over, buying, packing, schlepping around, and occasionally using the latest and greatest specialty gear. Oh, and you get to sail, photo-journal, and camp your way through life. Read More

In recent times, a number of people are utilizing computers or laptops in their offices or homes in order to improve the productivity. When anyone is using the computer, typing speed plays a significant role in the business or work productivity. There are so many user interfaces available in order to serve for speeding up and facilitating typing and correcting or avoiding mistakes or errors the typist may create such as auto replace, auto complete and spell checker. Read More

If you download movies, softwares and games from the internet, then you will observe that the downloaded file extension is .ISO. Now, this is called an ISO. File? To make it easy to understand, Wikipedia describes it as “An ISO figure is a collection file (or Disc Image) of an ocular device.” The file annex can be .CDR for Mac OS X or ISO for WINDOWS. Read More