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How to Use Data to Improve Your Website Conversions.

Use your data (analytic or otherwise) to improve your conversions by learning about your viewership. Your job is to learn as much as you can about your target audience and then attract as many of them as possible. Your analytic data may help you figure out if you are “actually” attracting your target audience. It may also help you learn a lot about your target audience so you can attract them and/or encourage them to return in the future. Here are a few tips that we here at Cloud iQ believe will really help.

How to Get the Best Deal on Cheap Web Hosting.

Indeed, just about any search for cheap hosting brings up reams of results from hosting companies of all shapes and sizes, each one promoting large discounts and tempting us in with attractive sign-up offers.

With that in mind, it’s worth spending some time working out exactly how we’re going to narrow down these seemingly limitless options, finding the diamond in the digital rough and coming up with the best deal on affordable, high quality web hosting for our business.

Quick Tip : What You Need to Know About Domain Registration.

When you’re starting a website, it’s important to have a good domain name. Whether the website is for a blog, for your business, or any other reason, a great domain name can set you apart from the competition. Choosing a name that is not only easy to remember, but also helps establish your business identity is key for a successful launch; over time, it will help to build your brand and establish you as the type of organization your customers want to work with.

How Virtual PBX Can Help You Grow Your Business.

A virtual PBX (Hosted PBX) is an affordable, internet based telephone system that offers advanced communication facilities to small and medium sized businesses. As this is a cloud-based system, it is cheaper than a standard phone system. On the other hand, it provides advanced call handling capabilities.


5 Tips For Boosting Up Your Typing Speed.

In recent times, a number of people are utilizing computers or laptops in their offices or homes in order to improve the productivity. When anyone is using the computer, typing speed plays a significant role in the business or work productivity. There are so many user interfaces available in order to serve for speeding up and facilitating typing and correcting or avoiding mistakes or errors the typist may create such as auto replace, auto complete and spell checker.