For the beginners first let me explain the concept of shared hosting. It is a server that consists of a number of sites starting from 10 to up to 300, which are hosted on the same server, and hence they share the same IP address. So that means you are sharing your IP address with many other sites and that may even affect your search engine ranking. Now suppose you are sharing IP with any unwanted site that may be harmful for your image, your site will be associated with that and hence would definitely affect your search engine ranking.  So as such shared web hosting is good but you need a dedicated IP address. Read More

The one thing that is not generally associated with consumer technology is data programming. There are not much people who know the efforts for database functions that are done behind the working of applications and websites that are used by them every day. But saying this, Wix is trying to reduce the coder-consumer divide for a more than 110 million of its users. There is a chance for non-programmers to build database and form-driven custom websites. Additionally, they have an option to extend the Wix-built sites to the be the best. Read More

It is well-known that high-quality content is one of the most important elements of digital marketing, and especially search engine optimization. Finding time to create good content is the biggest hurdle for many SEO experts. Many are busy serving customers and keeping the business cogs running on tract, so finding time for content creation is a challenge. Producing lots and lots of it is even harder. Read More

That Google’s ranking algorithm is made up of more than 200 different ranking signals is a badly-kept secret. While this is certainly impressive, it can be daunting considering there are only 24 hours in each day. Lucky for you, being an quality SEO expert is less about getting everything right and more about knowing your priorities. Below is a list of six of the most important factors to look out for according to researches done by various industry experts. Read More