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Dedicated Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting.

With the number of technological innovations increasing, businesses are now able to take more control of their computer networks, especially in terms of hosting decisions. A relatively recent innovation, cloud hosting solutions enable companies to migrate their current infrastructures from dedicated servers to cloud storage. However, this feat is not without complications. Many businesses struggle to afford the preliminary investment costs of cloud solutions, and they rarely have enough time to allow their servers some downtime for such a large, complex migration. The problems attending a switch from a dedicated server to a cloud environment cause many companies to weight their options and assess which avenue is right for them.

4 Benefits in Using Facial Recognition in Innovating Printing Technology.

Biometric solutions have caused a lot of reactions from various sectors from awe to disbelief to doubt and mistrust. The use of this kind of technology is no longer new as it has been around for some time that it doesn’t come as a surprise why it has been used as a security feature in various forms but perhaps one of the most recent uses of the technology is in digital printing as in the case with the new machines of Fuji Xerox.

7 Tips for Effective International Marketing.

For a large corporation that enjoys solid and successful domestic operations, it can be the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Can you successfully transition into foreign markets?

Web Hosting Services to Choose When HostGator isn’t Enough.

Even though HostGator is one of the best web-hosting providers, due to some reasons, you may be looking for some alternatives for HostGator. For instance, recently, we have seen a notable number of complaints regarding its service when we checked some web hosting forums.


How to Save Broadband Bandwidth and Speed Up Web Browsing.

For any broadband the most common requirement is the fast internet connection. It is certain, how irritating a slow internet connection can be. However here I will be discussing four options to speed up web browsing and save bandwidth. Like, when you will be using a web connection of limited usage and bandwidth.