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Cheapest Dedicated Server Providers for Hosting Resellers.

If you’re reading this article, there’s every chance that you know all about the benefits of investing in a dedicated server and using it to start your own web hosting reseller business.

You know that, with the online economy continuing to grow, and with shared hosting plans serving as the backbone to a large portion of online businesses, there’s perhaps never been a better time than now to start a company for yourselves and meet the demand for quality, affordable hosting solutions.

Best Web Hosting Deals with Money Back Guarantees.

As with many big purchasing decisions, signing up to a web hosting package is a big commitment. If we’re to get the best value for our money from our new plan, we usually have to sign up for a minimum commitment of at least a year, if not longer.

So it’s no surprise that lots of people think carefully and do as much research as they can before breaking out the credit card and making that commitment. After all, if something goes wrong -or the hosting company itself fails to live up to its sales promise- aren’t we essentially tied into a long-term plan that isn’t suitable, all with no means of escape ?

This Is How You Know It Is Time for a New Website.

If you need a website, but don’t yet have one, now is the time to get one–it makes no sense to delay. But what if you already have a website? How do you know when it is time to buy a new one?

Unlike food that has been in the fridge for too long, an outdated website doesn’t turn color, or emit an unpleasant oder. The main way to gauge when you need a new one is when the old one is no longer doing what you need it to do. Some things can be fixed without starting a whole, new web project. But other things are so fundamental to the experience, it is best to start again from scratch. 

What is Shared Hosting, Is it Reliable for Business Website.

Shared Hosting: A Professional Solution?

Professional web hosting services provide business owners with a valuable opportunity to maximize the utility of their Internet presence with powerful custom site building tools that allow even individuals with limited technical knowledge to create eye-catching web pages for their businesses and 24/7 technical support to instantly alert webmasters to any issues with their sites or even address potential issues before they manifest themselves.

The Vertical Scrolling Trend in Web Design For 2015.

Single-page web design began to take root last year, and it looks like it is going to be a hotly pursued trend in 2015, which has brought to the limelight the previously untouched concept of vertical scrolling. Meanwhile, designers continue to devote many hours to push the boundaries of this new art.

SQL Server 2014- Delayed Transaction Durability.

Before SQL server 2014 there was a different mechanism used by the SQL server. It was called write ahead log (WAL). In this kind of method, the changes are written in the transaction log before they are committed. One of the major advantages with WAL is that there is no data loss in this. However because of slow IO, High IO contention will take place, this phenomenon usually occurs if your log files have a low performing disk configuration. Such cases have been previously reported to experts.