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What is Shared Hosting, Is it Reliable for Business Website.

Shared Hosting: A Professional Solution?

Professional web hosting services provide business owners with a valuable opportunity to maximize the utility of their Internet presence with powerful custom site building tools that allow even individuals with limited technical knowledge to create eye-catching web pages for their businesses and 24/7 technical support to instantly alert webmasters to any issues with their sites or even address potential issues before they manifest themselves.

The Vertical Scrolling Trend in Web Design For 2015.

Single-page web design began to take root last year, and it looks like it is going to be a hotly pursued trend in 2015, which has brought to the limelight the previously untouched concept of vertical scrolling. Meanwhile, designers continue to devote many hours to push the boundaries of this new art.

SQL Server 2014- Delayed Transaction Durability.

Before SQL server 2014 there was a different mechanism used by the SQL server. It was called write ahead log (WAL). In this kind of method, the changes are written in the transaction log before they are committed. One of the major advantages with WAL is that there is no data loss in this. However because of slow IO, High IO contention will take place, this phenomenon usually occurs if your log files have a low performing disk configuration. Such cases have been previously reported to experts.

6 Stats That Prove Web Designers Should Still Be Prioritizing SEO.

In the past three years, businesses have had to quickly adapt new strategies in response to the latest Google updates. According to Sydney web designer Ian Mills; ‘Paid results are losing effectiveness now that most users are savvy enough to know the difference between paid and organic results’. Adding to this problem, Google has modified the way they display paid results, making them harder to tell apart- in turn this encourages users to unknowingly click on them.

You Want to Create a Website, but You’re not a Designer. How Do You Choose the Right Template for Your Company?

When you search “free website template,” you’ll discover a wide range of online Web design templates for all kinds of businesses. Pretty soon, you discover that you’ve looked at hundreds of website templates, and you’re closer to a headache than you are to a decision.

How to Make Money Online in 2015.

Who wouldn’t like to make a little extra money? Two incomes are certainly better than one, and people are quickly figuring out there is money to be made online. Whether you’re interested in supplementing your income or perhaps looking to move in a completely new direction, the internet is conducive to the entrepreneurial spirit.