Do You Really Need an Outsourced IT Support For Your Company.

By Anurag -

Due to the rapid progress in technology, the world is becoming a smaller place to live in. This is evident when an individual uses the Internet to interact with people residing in the other corner of the world. It is only because of such network and dedicated servers that people can now do things that were not possible to do with such ease in the past. Undoubtedly, this is great even for businesses for instant communication, exchange of documents, and remote monitoring of business systems! But this it makes the businesses reliant upon the technology.

When any problem triggers within the networks or servers that a business utilize, it surely needs a professional help to get its systems back in the working condition. This is exactly where an outsourced IT support or an IT support firm can really help!

No business would like to be idle or waste working hours just because the systems were not working due to some problem. It would likely suffer drastically in case the IT infrastructure collapses even for half an hour. In several cases, a business tends to tolerate severe damage if the IT systems do not function effectively. This is the main reason why a business needs a professional IT support. But now the question is why a business would outsource IT support? Okay, this is a logical question! And so, here are some really practical reasons that justify the need to outsource IT support for a business!

Cost-Effective IT Support

Most business would think that having an internal IT support is more cost-effective than an external one. But this is not the case! The reality is that the cost of an in-house support is just too high for many businesses to accommodate in their budget model. Your company ends up paying for an external team only when its professional assistance is essential; whereas in case of an internal team, the company has to pay on an annual basis whether its help is needed or not (salary from £18,000 as per the qualifications and experience).

Diverse Troubleshooting Knowledge

Furthermore, hiring an internal IT professional may prove to be difficult to manage because of holiday cover and other employee requirements. In addition, the skills, experience, and knowledge of such a professional may be limited and not diverse as compared to the external IT support professionals. As a fact, the outsourced IT support teams are regularly trained and updated, which aids them to boost their experience and skills. This means that you get rid of training the internal professionals by relying on the external ones. Further, external IT firms are professionally certified, which means you are ensured of the job to be done properly.

An accreditation or certification simply indicates that an IT support provider meets the industry standards. This means that an accreditation protects your business. By ensuring that the team has the necessary skill levels and qualifications, you are convinced of effective fixing should something go wrong at any point of time.

Fewer Risks


If you select an accredited IT support firm, you are assured that you are protecting your business from all types of risks. The same assurance cannot come from an internal professional due to limited exposure to new software tools and hardware peripherals. Furthermore, this internal employee may not be certified by a well known giant such as Oracle or Microsoft, which means he may not be aware fully of the industry standards. This, along with the limited diverse skills, simply increases the chance of facing unwanted situations (risks) while fixing a problem. For example, while fixing a server problem, it may happen that the internal professional may end up triggering a network problem by making changes to the settings due to trial and error method!

Satisfactory Service Quality


This term is in relation to your business. Let’s assume that you are into a business of offering Forex online tools. So, one of your main duties is to deploy the tool online and make it available through the newly hired servers. Now just imagine that one of your customers is requesting access to the latest tool but is unable to get it due to some server problem. This makes the customer to call at your service center but no solution or justification is given to the problem even after two days have passed, due to lack of know-how on servers. This will truly aggravate the customer. But if you have obtained an external IT support, you can directly call the company and get the solution to ensure access to the server in no time. This will save the interest of your customers in you!

So, if these factors are of utmost importance to you as well as your business, you really need the help of an external IT support firm.

Steve Hanigan works at concise as an it support executive. He loves to write and share his expert opinion on IT Support on various technology blogs like this one.

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