7 Free Portable PDF Readers for Windows.


Adobe created Portable Document Format (PDF) in 1993 and it is open for the document exchange. PDF is very popular for sharing document. PDF files cannot be open by default in Windows where as Windows 8 will be having PDF viewer, PDF files can be open by the various freeware apps such as: Foxit, Sumatra PDF, Adobe PDF reader etc.

If PDF reader is not installed then portable PDF reader can be used in internet café or any other PC. It is very easy to use and it requires less memory. The list of free potable PDF users for Windows is as follows:

1. Foxit PDF Reader.

Windows Foxit is very popular PDF reader but it does not have a portable version. A portable version of PDF reader has been created by Portable Apps. The PDF document viewer has rich features, a very fast speed and small size.

2. Adobe PDF Reader Lite

Adobe PDF reader has a portable version called Adobe PDF Reader Lite which works same as installed version. For Windows the popular PDF reader tool is the Adobe PDF Reader.

3. Sumatra PDF Reader

It is another portable PDF reader which is made by Portable App team. Sumatra PDF provides free, open source PDF, slim, comic viewer and DjVu for the Windows. Sumatra has minimalistic design. In this simplicity is given higher priority than the features.

4. Evince Portable

Evince is used to view multiple documents such as: postscript, djvu, PDF, dvj and tiff. A portable version has been created of this by Portable Apps Team. It can support all multiple formats and is more than the Pdf reader.

5. Cool PDF Reader

Cool PDF Reader is the smallest reader/viewer used to print, view and convert the PDF files to BMP, GIF, WMF, EPS, PNG, TXT, EMF. It does not require any installation and is only of 650 KB in size for download. It can be downloaded here.

6. PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is used to perform editing or viewing/modifying or even OCR Image based upon PDF files on Windows. It is a small, fast and it has many features than any other FREE PDF Reader/PDF Editor/PDF Viewer available.

7. PDForsell

PDForsell is very easy to use PDF viewer and it has ability to rotate, merge and split PDF files. It also helps to merge one PDF file to another as well as split the file into two or even three and more over it can turn all the pages. PDForsell can decrypt and encrypt the file.

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