How to Become a Successful Online Casino Affiliate.


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One of the most attractive job prospects in today’s world is becoming a casino affiliate. This shouldn’t be a surprise at all, considering how wide-spread the whole industry is and how lucrative affiliate commissions can get. And when you add the fact that it doesn’t take much to build a website these days, it becomes really hard to resist the attraction.

Casino affiliates mostly earn their commission through websites that focus on reviews, recommendation, offers, or anything else from the industry (here’s one perfect example of how it’s done). However, if you’ve ever tried to make your living by keeping a website, you know that things are not at all as easy as they seem.

To become really successful as a casino affiliate, you need to have a clear picture of the industry and get real and applicable advice, apart from the general tips you can find almost everywhere. With that in mind, here’s a list of things you need to consider before you can succeed in your job as a casino affiliate.


Know Your Market Well

First and foremost, you need to truly understand the market you are getting yourself into. If you don’t, then you’ll hardly have a chance at turning substantial profits.

Unlike some niches where you can get by with some basic-intermediate knowledge you can find online, the online casino niche is a tough ground. This is mostly because you have so much competition from people that haven’t even tried an online casino, which makes most sites feel “week” and superficial. If you want to succeed, don’t be one.


Choose Your Partners Carefully

One of the easiest ways to lose traffic and income is to promote partners that are just plain bad. Being offered a lucrative commission shouldn’t be your only selling point, as the damage that bad partners create can go both ways.

First of all, if you promote bad-reputed or “rogue” casinos, you will lose your users due to the mishaps and shady payment delays these casinos do. And secondly, casinos that try to trick your users will most likely try to trick you as well. So, before you choose a partner, go online and research for player reviews or by adding adjectives like “rogue” or “blacklist” to your partner’s name.


Don’t Let Your Content Kill Your Reputation

If you’ve ever visited a casino review site, you have at least a basic idea of what to expect. Most sites will offer casino reviews and rank lists, as well as top bonus offers and newsletters, which isn’t that bad per say, but it will hardly let your site stand out from a sea of almost uniform portals.

Instead on doing the same everyone else is doing, try to offer a more personalized and honest approach to your content. If you don’t like bonuses, say it. If you think a game or a casino is nothing special, say it. Explore things that matter and give real opinions instead of just trying to sell your links to your users. And whatever you do, stick to the following:

  • Don’t give praise to bad or unfair casinos just because of the commission;
  • Don’t try to be an expert on things you know little of;
  • Don’t overload your site with ads and bonuses;
  • Don’t copy from others;
  • Don’t lie excessively about offers you promote but haven’t tried;
  • Don’t promote what you wouldn’t try yourself;
  • Never try to trick anyone into losing more money;
  • Keep your info fresh and honest.

Mind Your Links

Anyone that’s been in the online marketing business will tell you that links are essential to your traffic, since your Google rank will improve the more your site is linked to.

However, what many won’t tell you is that the easiest way to link, which is a free linking partnership, is not always the best. So, Instead of teaming up with other low ranking websites, try to get links from higher-ranking domains like other gambling sites or sites in other niches, even it if means paying for them.


Target Specific Niches

Since you are already exploring a niche by being an online casino site, your best hope to stay on top of the competition is to target even more specific niches.

This rule can be applied both to the focus of your website and domain name, but also to your SEO tactics. If you target keywords like “best online casinos” with your SEO, you’ll have less chances of popping up in the search results than with more specific search terms.

Give Your Users a Push

Let’s face it, by just being there on your website your ads or affiliate links will not attract many people to click them. Just think about yourself for a moment. How many times have you clicked an ad because of what it said?

To get people to click, you need to create a little push for them. The cliché term for the push is “call to action”, something which most marketers never fully understand. A really useful call to action would be one that would be implemented in quality content, but also preceded by real and important reasons for why your users should click your links.


And the final piece of the puzzle would be to get your content out there, far and wide. Linking is only the first part of getting your business noticed, while the rest is spreading it via the old-fashioned way of marketing. There are many ways in which you can market your website, the key ones being the following:

  • Use social media channels like Facebook or Twitter;
  • Be active in relevant blogs and forums;
  • Create campaigns that target mobile users;
  • Market for specific search terms through Google Adwords;
  • Create newsletters or similar e-mail campaigns;
  • Get help from reputed marketing services.

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