How to Save Broadband Bandwidth and Speed Up Web Browsing.


For any broadband the most common requirement is the fast internet connection. It is certain, how irritating a slow internet connection can be. However here I will be discussing four options to speed up web browsing and save bandwidth. Like, when you will be using a web connection of limited usage and bandwidth.

You may be wondering that you will have to pay an extra fee for the internet usage, but this is not the case, there are several methods which you can try. The methods are also worth trying at the times when your slow internet connection really pisses you off.

1. Fake and user agent

Whenever you visit a website, the website will check the source, a source from which you are accessing the internet and website. Thus, for the majority of the websites, it is observed that websites open quicker on the mobile phones as compared to as laptops and desktops. So, if we use this tool then it is certain that the majority of the sites will load quicker and more smoothly with the reduction in the bandwidth. As users of the external devices and mobile phones you can use a low bandwidth compared to laptops and desktops. However some of the websites will not work with this as it depends upon the functionality of the website. However users can use the agent by utilizing an agent switcher in the chrome and the add on in the Firefox.

You must not know that your browser eats a lot of your bandwidth because of the features. So it is very highly recommended that the users should uninstall the entire unnecessary plug-in and sizable all the features to get a better and faster connection of internet with low bandwidth.

Disable features

In most of the browsers it is very easy to do this. As the browser always provides users with the option of disabling JavaScript on your browser.  For better internet connection and to save bandwidth you will not be able to include images in the web pages. For example you can observe this in your crime browser where you can tweak different elements of the web page in the browser itself.

Opera turbo

Well, this browser is available with some of the best user-friendly features. With the help of this tip your server will compress the web pages with saved bandwidth and faster time. Compress web pages are smaller than the original web pages compared. However with this browser user will get two options always an automatic.  When your browser will find a slow internet connection this option will activate automatically. And always mode is always on gradually whenever you will access the internet.

Keep upgrading

This is one of the uncommon tips you may think but it is very helpful. If you keep consistently updating your PC, then also you will observe that your interconnection will run faster and smoother. However it will also help in enhancing the performance of your PC. So, the body parts of the desktop play important role in boosting up the performance of the PC.


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