LG WR Team Plays Cupid, Helps Man Propose to Girlfriend!

By Anurag -

The video of Flash Mob organized by LG World Record Team is released. The event was conducted on October 6, 2012. The main motto of the flash mob was to help a proud LG user, Mr. Karan Arora to assist in a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. The flash mob was organized by LG WR Team, consisting of LG WRman Greg, Sherlock and Joy. They worked as an instrumental to arrange the flash mob at the utmost busy venue of Gurgaon – Ambience Mall.

A group of youngsters popped out all of sudden with coordinated dance on a mixes of popular Bollywood tracks playing in background, surprised all the shoppers who were busy in shopping. Following the rule of a flash mob, initially only few people took the start and later small groups joined them in middle who were just roaming around in the mall previously on the Saturday evening. All of sudden within a minutes around 100 professional dancers comprised in the flash mob. Even the crowd joined the mob later including children, adults and onlookers.

The event was climaxed in a proposal by Mr. Karan, who was just the part of the dancing crowd. He sudden fell down on his knees to propose Ms. Pooja for marriage. The crowd started yelling and cheered them both. Predictably, Mr. Pooja accepted the proposal for him and to the delight of the crowd cheering them.

As soon the flash mob ended, LG WRman Greg, who is the team leader of the LG World Record team, addressed the crowd and explained the reason of organizing a flash mob. He stated –

“We want to strengthen the association of users with LG products in line with our core motto – Life is Good. This is true not only when you are using our products, but the very association with LG can make good things happen in your life – just like this flash mob marriage proposal.”

Even LG WRman Sherlock, who were the part of LG World Record Team, elaborated of leading electronic brand to associate with a flash mob. He said – “India is a young country with 65% of its population is below 35 years of age. Nowadays, because our society is so family-oriented, youngsters are a very important factor in buying decisions for important products. So, we thought of a way where we could associate ourselves with this core group of youth, while celebrating family values at the same time.”

The event also sketches how LG is promoting such events to engage the customers, especially the youngsters and breaking the old era of traditional marketing. Strange fact is that this all started with Facebook. Mr. Karan interacted with the LG World Record Team in Facebook only.

You can see the Making Video here :

About LG – LG is a multinational conglomerate with diversified business interests, and is a leading player in the consumer electronics category in India.

About the LG World Record Team – The LG WR team consist three – Greg – who is the leader of the LG WR Team; Sherlock – who is home entertainment expert and Joy – who is an expert at Home Appliances, represented by animated characters who interact with LG users online to introduce LG World Record Products. LG World Record products include a range of inspired LG products that pioneer new technology to improve user comfort and lifestyle.

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