Maintaining Your UPS In 7 Easy Ways.

By Anurag -

From calculators to computers, the technology has intertwined with our daily life. The age of computers has dawned on the mankind, enabling us to achieve feats that some time back was considered a foolish notion. The computers have become a part and parcel in both the professional and the personal life of an individual. This highly mechanical device consists of a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a UPS. The UPS is a common term used for Uninterruptible Power Supply. The main function of a UPS is to be a backup power source, consisting a battery unit, of the computers and its networks.

It ensures that the computer continues to function in a proper manner, even if there is a power cut. With such a significant function assigned to the UPS, its maintenance is imperative to ensure the proper functioning of operations. Following are the seven basic tips that are essential to keep the UPS working properly. These tips make sure that you get the maximum out of your UPS, in terms of performance and life.

1. Check The Load Bearing Capability Of The UPS

You must ensure that the UPS is not burdened with excessive load. You should not plug in heavy devices such as the refrigerator, if the UPS is meant for your computer. Excessive load may build too much pressure on the battery which may result in the explosion of the UPS.

2. Do Not Attempt To Repair Or Service The UPS Yourself

If you are not well conversant with the field of electronics, you must not try to repair and service your UPS yourself. You may actually do more damage than good to the UPS. Seek professional help from a UPS maintenance Company and ask the engineer to service and inspect the UPS every six months or according to the advice of the manufacturer.

3. Install UPS With Proper Earthing

You must ensure that where the UPS is fixed, proper earthing is done. The user may suffer electric shock or in the worst case, improper earths may also cause fire due to short circuits as well.

4. Lessen The Load On The UPS To Get More Backing

You ought to keep an eye on the load on the UPS when energy is consumed from it. Disconnect the other unnecessary devices from the UPS to gain more backing from it.

5. Keep UPS In A Cool, Dry Place

If you are residing in a hot area, you must ensure to keep your UPS in a cool place. Also make sure that you do not expose the UPS to direct sunlight, acidic and combustible substances.

6. The Battery Of The UPS

Charging the new UPS for 24 hours before use ensures a longer battery life. The battery of your in-use UPS should be drained every 15 days and charged again completely before use.

7. Connecting Or Disconnecting Battery Terminals

Under no circumstances, should you try to connect or disconnect battery terminals of the UPS on your own. Call in the expert to avoid huge bills on repair later.

The present era has made people dependent on technology for every little work. Living in the hi-tech world has its own pros and cons. However, it is a fact that the technology has touched the very basic life of the people.

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