Online Casinos: An Almost Infinite Source of Content to Cover.


March 28, 2017BusinessNo comments

There is an almost endless string of casino affiliate websites out there – no wonder, since online gambling is one of the most lucrative niches an affiliate can choose. Unfortunately, most webmasters choosing this niche choose to fill their websites with generic content and banners, and not much more. This is a pity, considering how much fresh content the online gambling industry pumps out month after month.

Below, you’ll find a few tips on what content you might want to consider filling your online casino blog with interesting content instead of the useless – and sometimes deceptive – junk others choose to publish.


All Jackpots Casino players know that the operator adds at least a couple of games to its already considerable library each month. With most – not all – new games at the All Jackpots also running on smartphones, you can either focus on the increasingly popular mobile casino niche or cover everything new. But the All Jackpots is not the only casino, and Microgaming – the developer behind the All Jackpots’ game library – is not the only casino game developer out there, so you’ll have anywhere between a couple and a few dozen games to review each month.

If you still run out of new games to cover, you can always reach into the past for inspiration: out of the thousands of casino games released in the two decades since the emergence of the industry, you will surely find quite a few not covered by the competition.


Online casinos don’t just pump out new games in every month, they also have new promotions for their players. Casinos tend to offer the same welcome bonus to their players for a long time – there have been quite a few months, perhaps even years, since the All Jackpots last made a change over there. Yet most other gaming venues have special offers that chance every month, and not only the boring deposit matches. Some casinos put massive cash prizes up for grab, others offer a variety of more tangible rewards, like electronics, vehicles, luxury cruises, and their likes. With over 800 online casinos out there, covering promotions can be a full-time job.

Industry news

Behind the flashy exterior, online gambling is a business – and quite the profitable one. Behind every gaming outlet, there’s a company running it – some of them, the big ones, run multiple gaming outlets active in multiple branches of the industry. And, as all other companies, they grow, they acquire or are acquired, and sometimes they even go out of business. Besides, the legal status of gambling is undergoing a continuous change in various countries – these could all be subjects for your new online casino-related website.

As you can see, there’s enough content out there to fill several online gambling related blogs and news portals. Don’t stick with the hackneyed content – produce something new to stand out!

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