5 Ways to Prep for Mobile Readiness Before 2015.

Mobile readiness arrived in 2014, but unfortunately many businesses just aren’t ready. In fact, the majority of American businesses don’t have a website at all, let alone one with responsive design and mobile readiness. However, it’s not too late. You deserve to go into 2015 fully prepared to serve your mobile customers (who are now the majority) and it’s easier than you think. However, it starts with getting the right developer(s) on your side.

How to Get the Best Deal on Cheap Web Hosting.

Indeed, just about any search for cheap hosting brings up reams of results from hosting companies of all shapes and sizes, each one promoting large discounts and tempting us in with attractive sign-up offers.

With that in mind, it’s worth spending some time working out exactly how we’re going to narrow down these seemingly limitless options, finding the diamond in the digital rough and coming up with the best deal on affordable, high quality web hosting for our business.

5 Strong Reasons Your Online Webinars are Failing.

While some webinar programs offer some significant benefits to those hosting online conferences, many of the reasons that webinars fail are because of the presenter him or herself. Where a robust webinar service like ClickWebinar will help connect you via numerous types of devices and market your presentation through social media while giving you less to worry about in setting up and drawing people to your online events; the time saved in that regard should be used to create an interesting and informative webinar that’ll get you an increasing number of viewers through word of mouth alone.

4 Updates to Make Your Web Design Evolve with your Business.

The business goals you set for your company are the roadmap for your strategy and success. Small Businesses in particular need to be flexible and often have to adjust their business goals. Many business owners forget that their website needs to be as agile as their businesses to be a cost effective and scalable asset. Here are four things to consider when you update your web design so it stays as agile as your business.

The Importance of Backing Up Your Files.

Most people who use a computer understand, intellectually at least, that they should back up their data on a regular basis. Yet according to Jill Duffy writing for PCMag.com, backup is a task that most users tend to put off. It may feel overwhelming. It may even feel unnecessary if the user doesn’t perceive any immediate threat to his or her information.

4 Benefits in Using Facial Recognition in Innovating Printing Technology.

Biometric solutions have caused a lot of reactions from various sectors from awe to disbelief to doubt and mistrust. The use of this kind of technology is no longer new as it has been around for some time that it doesn’t come as a surprise why it has been used as a security feature in various forms but perhaps one of the most recent uses of the technology is in digital printing as in the case with the new machines of Fuji Xerox.