According to BGR, the average U.S. Internet connection speed has tripled since 2011. That’s clearly great news for the vast majority of Americans who regularly surf the web at home, at the office, and on the go.

It’s not just the deployment of cutting-edge consumer technologies and the relentless (and ever more improbable) advance of Moore’s Law. Much of the seemingly miraculous growth in U.S. connection speeds — which, it must be said, remain slower than in most other advanced nations — is attributable to the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated data centers throughout North America. Read More

With the proliferation of the mobile devices and significant increase in the usage of advanced technologies for the transmission of data, the security of that data has become a prime concern. The usage of technology for the transmission of data offers a plethora of benefits, especially in the medical field, but along with the advantages, some underlying risks have also started surfacing. Thus, it is vital to ensure data security in today’s mobile world. Read More

If you’re investigating hosting for the first time, all the different options are probably enough to make you dizzy. Between VPN hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, and all the other potential hosting types, how do you pick which is best for you? To help you determine the best fit for your needs, we’ve written a fairly succinct primer on the top shared hosting pros and cons. Read More

Navigating the exciting and ever-expanding landscape of today’s data platforms can undoubtedly be a huge task for the leaders of today’s enterprises. Adopting the latest and greatest technologies without getting caught up in gimmicks or superfluous features can be quite challenging. As a result, many enterprise heads and tech managers fall prey to the common mistakes that occur when adopting Big Data streaming platforms. Read More