Indestructible Phones Are the Future of Handheld Electronics.

Many people use protective cases for their cell phones, and with good reason. A sturdy, waterproof case can prevent a phone from falling victim to spills, drops and other damage. However, an emerging trend is to make the device itself indestructible. While coverings and cases may not be fading away anytime soon, there are a number of vendors and manufacturers working on making your phone invincible.

Warding Off Water

Water is a phone’s antithesis. Even just a little bit of the wet stuff can send your phone into an electronic frenzy, blinking, flashing and eventually shutting off. That is why standout companieshave been employing technology that makes phones waterproof. Through using a nanocoating machine, LA startup DryWired has developed a way mobile devicescan essentially withstand water damage. With many people suffering a cell phone shutdown after an H20 encounter, a water-resistant phone could well be a hot commodity.

Nasty Scratches

Anyone with a phone knows that screens can be extremely sensitive. In fact, many are engineered to be that way so that the touch-screen technology works. However, with that sensitivity often comes the likelihood that the screen will scratch, crack or break. Some vendors, like the glass supplier Corning, have developed an upgraded version of the materials used on tablets and smartphones to prevent that kind of damage from occurring.

Through strengthening the glass, a phone or other mobile device equipped with the upgrade could withstand as much as three times the amount of force needed for a crack. Additionally, scratches are much less visible. Drop your phone often? Not a problem, as the glass reduces the likelihood that the screen will shatter. Anyone who has picked up a phone to find the jagged lines of a broken screen may opt for investing in this kind of technology.

Showing Off

While showcasing their products at a convention last year, several vendors put their phones to the test. For example, some had phones submerged in fish bowls full of water, and one phone was said to be able to withstand as much as 30 minutes under water. Why show off? Because demonstrating a phone’s ability to escape water damage and more may give these vendors the competitive edge they need to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Thinner, Lighter, Weaker?

As more and more people are using mobile devices, there is a greater demand for gadgets that can withstand major damage. According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project survey, almost half of the adults in the United States have a smart phone, and roughly 25 percent own a tablet. In addition to that, phones are becoming more high-tech. While their capabilities for communication, storage and picture-taking increase, their size and weight decreases. Becoming lighter and thinner may be more appealing to consumers, but it also leaves phones more susceptible to damage.

For people who invest hundreds of dollars into a phone, there is a need to create a device that can withstand the occasional drop or dip. As there is an increasing number of vendors in the industry, there is a need for companies to stand out from the competition. Making indestructible devices may well give a manufacturer that edge.


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From the Cheque to Contactless Payments.

The launch of contact-less payment credit cards in 2007 represented a major landmark for the retail industry in the UK. Using the innovative technology, consumers are able to make purchases of up to £20 without having to enter a pin number. This has made the transaction process significantly easier for consumers and retailers, without having to compromise on card safety.

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Geolocation Tracking Technology for Mobile & PC Users

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