Play Games without DVD, Use Daemon Tools.

If you download movies, softwares and games from the internet, then you will observe that the downloaded file extension is .ISO. Now, this is called an ISO. File? To make it easy to understand, Wikipedia describes it as “An ISO figure is a collection file (or Disc Image) of an ocular device.” The file annex can be .CDR for Mac OS X or ISO for WINDOWS.


How to Save Broadband Bandwidth and Speed Up Web Browsing.

For any broadband the most common requirement is the fast internet connection. It is certain, how irritating a slow internet connection can be. However here I will be discussing four options to speed up web browsing and save bandwidth. Like, when you will be using a web connection of limited usage and bandwidth.

Log out your other Active Sessions of Gmail,Remotely.

With the web based emails people get the ability to log on from any place, anytime- at work, at home, a mobile device, a friend’s home or even from a cyber café or public library. But let’s assume you forgot to log off from your account? There are so many scammers present all around, what if someone gets the hold of your account and now can easily access all your personal information.


How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog.

Alexa is one of the most popular tool used to determine the Rank of the website/blog. It measures the global rank of the website and also shows regional rank in several countries. Although Alexa Rank is not considered as the correct rank stats as it only counts the visitors having Alexa toolbar installed on their system. But still it is considered to be significant as low Alexa rank can attract the sponsors and advertisers to a blog.


10+ Best Web Tools to Check Website Loading Time

In recent times, the websites need to be SEO optimized in nature, in order to attain higher ranking of their websites in search engines. Web site loading time is one of the most important factors that have been considered by search engines during website ranking procedure. If there is an absence of search engine optimization techniques which are not applied to your websites, then your readers or visitors may suffer from some difficult and frustrated circumstances. They have to wait for a large amount of time in order to open your web page because it will take much time to load.


5 Android Apps for Indian Railway Ticketing.

In India you will find that the railway system is the most fiscal and chosen means of commuting, which has enclosed by miles and recognized efficient and reliable connections all through the parts of India. With the frequent changes in the internet based facilities and wireless technology and operations, the department of the railway system is also trying to assume and implement numerous different web based options for the handiness of the passengers, some of which are IRCTC pnr status checking, online booking of the tickets, online checking of the variability etc.