10+ Plugins for Safari on Mac.


There are many browsers available for Mac like Opera, Firefox and Chrome however Safari is one of the most admired browsers for the Mac users. There are numerous Safari add-ons available for Mac that help in operating the browser more proficiently and professionally.


5 Best Finance Apps for iPhone.

Although the Smartphone market is full with Android devices, but still, the iPhone since the most. Whether its about hardware features or software features, iPhone is undoubtedly the best. If you own this esteemed device, then chances are high that you are using a large no. of apps and games on it.


5 Tips To Use Ninite Like A Power User.

We all are surrounded by various kinds of useful utilities that help to Increase the functionality  of our Computer. And Ninite is one of them. And if you the term Ninite sounds quite new to you, then Ninite is a tool that helps you to bulk install the softwares you desire from the Ninite Website.


5 Websites To Upload And Share Large Files.

Larger the file more is the time required and above all a cap on the amount of data transferred. Common problem we encounter while trying to share large files. To over come the hurdle we list before you five websites that allow sharing larger files; publically and privately.


Best Website Copier Tools for Mac.

Today we are unveiling the top free website copier for your Apple’s Mac. So There are a lots of copier programs available, making it very confusing to a user which one to use according to their need. Here is list of some of the best and free website or webpage copier, you can use according to requirements.


7 Free Portable PDF Readers for Windows.

Adobe created Portable Document Format (PDF) in 1993 and it is open for the document exchange. PDF is very popular for sharing document. PDF files cannot be open by default in Windows where as Windows 8 will be having PDF viewer, PDF files can be open by the various freeware apps such as: Foxit, Sumatra PDF, Adobe PDF reader etc.