What are Benefits of an SSD.

My Hard Drive Isn’t Good Enough?

Many first time computer buyers settle for standard HDD drives because of their status as a de facto industry standard as well as the lower typical cost of devices with this storage type. However, another type of digital hard drive known as SDD offers several tangible benefits over HDD drives, and though these drives may be initially more expensive, the added security and performance they can deliver makes them well worth the added cost.

Affordable Chromebooks will Knock iPads Out of Schools.

There is a fully fledged technology war going on with the goal to achieve the supremacy on the American educational computer market. The two parties fighting for the top spot are Apple, offering its iPad tablet computers as educational aids for the US schools, and Google, counter-attacking with its Chromebooks – either special models built for educational purposes, or affordable models people can buy for themselves or their children with a smaller effort. And it seems that the search / advertising / technology giant is winning.

4 Tech Trends Businesses Need to be Following.

Technology trends come and go faster than most business owners can keep up with them. However, every now and then a trend will stick around and continue to evolve. In 2015 and beyond, there are a handful of tech trends worth keeping an eye on, as they will significantly impact business processes across multiple industries.

MBA vs. MSA: Which Master’s Degree is Right For You?

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is the most popular advanced degree in the United States. Business degrees currently account for more than a quarter of all master’s degrees [1], but current statistics group MBAs with more specialized business master’s degrees including the Master of Science in Analytics, or MSA. While MBAs still make up the majority of advanced business degrees, some experts suggest the growing popularity of courses like the MSA has helped business qualifications overtake the master’s in education [1].   

4 Social Media Blunders Small Businesses Should Avoid.

From an internet marketing perspective, few things are as powerful as social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter give small businesses a unique opportunity to put their brand in front of millions of people who would otherwise be unreachable. However, despite the vast potential of social networking sites, most businesses take an uneducated approach to this marketing tool. As thousands of businesses have learned, social media is nothing to play around with. Even one seemingly tiny error can bring serious backlash.

What is the difference between Programmatic and RTB?

In the world of digital marketing, the terms programmatic and RTB have become commonplace, but there is still a great deal of confusion over the difference between them. Some industry experts say that programmatic is an extension of RTB, while others state that RTB is a feature of programmatic. When it comes down to it, either could be considered true, as the two strategies are intrinsically linked. Let’s look at each one individually so we can understand the difference between them.