Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery as the name suggests comes up with a superb interface design followed up by recovering the files that you might have lost in the past from your windows operating system. The usage of Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery is very smooth, and it has the reputation to recover all most everything from your windows system. Furthermore, it comes up with a convenient design which makes it the top performer among various windows data recovery software. Read More

Go for the best On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Apps for your car

In modern times, our concept of cars has changed, and there are lots of innovative technologies used to make the car as good as a computer. Cars have software and certain tools that help in smooth and safe functioning. The modern cars also have a feature to optimize overall performance and reduce fuel consumption. It also helps to help drivers get a clear idea about weather conditions and traffic prevailing on a certain route. There is also a feature to collect errors in engine and reflect these on the dashboard screen. What helps to identify all these problems and contributes to smooth functioning of the car? Well, it is on-board diagnostics or OBD port that provides the driver with an access to the engine control unit after plugging in an external device. Read More