Five Must-Have Gadgets for the Aspiring Entrepreneur.

Launching a business takes more than an idea, product, and getting it into the market. There are many everyday items that need to be in place for the business to operate – many of which you don’t normally consider until it comes down to needing them. When you put them off until the last minute you can disrupt the distribution and that’s always a big no-no in business.

5 Data Trends Making a Big Business Impact in 2016.

The Role of Data Analytics in Business

Data analytics is perhaps the number one trend impacting technology and businesses right now. This was true in 2015, and it will continue to remain a pivotal aspect of business in 2016 according to the view of many analysts. From human resources and talent management to exploring new ways to reach customers, it’s all about data.

Features to Look for in a Quality Shopping Cart.

Your shopping cart plays a big role in your business needs. It is important to find a cart that will allow your customers to make safe and easy transactions with you. Keep their security in mind at all times. There are many online shopping cart software choices available. Review: Give your Presentations a Midas Touch.

PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software around the world. Be it for academic purposes (students and educators) or for business (corporate environment), people use Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentations for any kind of topics. Microsoft PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is popular on Windows PC’s but Office is also available and widely adopted by Mac users.

5 Video Marketing Lessons from Successful YouTube Channels.

If you’ve studied the trends over the past few years, you have a clear understanding of the blatantly obvious trajectory of digital marketing. It’s pretty easy to see that visual content is gaining prominence across all industries. As a business owner or digital marketer, it’s important that you understand how YouTube fits into the mix and what needs to be done to find success in the months to come.

Alibaba in Real Time.

Alibaba was a small Chinese retailer a few years ago. However, last year, Alibaba became the world’s most expensive company, after it held an IPO for more than $100 billion dollars. Today, Alibaba has expanded considerably and is the largest online retailer in China.