Travel Industry Takes Off, Bringing New Opportunities On Social.

4 Technologies That Criminal Defense Attorneys Use to Help Clients.

Nothing stays the same for very long … and that includes criminal defense. What was once a largely paper and oral activity based on reports and circumstantial evidence has become a much more technical specialty that employs a variety of technologies and capabilities.

Manage Your Employees with an Electronic Time-Clock System.

Part of managing any type of business is the management of employees. You need to advertise for them, interview them, weed out the potentials from the non-potentials, and finally hire and train them. Once you’ve gone through all this, you’ll still need to keep an emphasis on your employees – or more specifically, the hours they work for you.

SSL checkers and masking data: a guide to encryption.

The internet can be a very dangerous place, as data thieves and other potential criminals are all looking for an easy way to obtain information. While this was traditionally conducted through e-mail scams, modern techniques involving phishing and simply hacking into data in-transit and obtaining it.

How Apple Is Dealing With Shellshock.

In late September 2014, the security world was rocked by the revelation of the Bash bug, also called Shellshock. Researchers warned that the vulnerability could be worse than Heartbleed, and the U.S. National Vulnerability Database rated it a 10 out of 10 on its severity scale.

How Collaboration Tools Are Impacting the Modern Workforce.

Digital collaborative tools have had tremendous benefits to employees and businesses over the past few years. They allow teams, and organizations on a whole, to share ideas, access information and work on projects, no matter their proximity.

According to a 16-year study by Idea Champions, only 3 percent of the 10,000 people they interviewed said that they come up with their best ideas at work. The other 97 percent said their best ideas come to them while they are in the shower, on vacation, taking walks, enjoying a glass of wine, or just doing nothing.