SQL Server 2014- Delayed Transaction Durability.

Before SQL server 2014 there was a different mechanism used by the SQL server. It was called write ahead log (WAL). In this kind of method, the changes are written in the transaction log before they are committed. One of the major advantages with WAL is that there is no data loss in this. However because of slow IO, High IO contention will take place, this phenomenon usually occurs if your log files have a low performing disk configuration. Such cases have been previously reported to experts.

10 Characteristics of High Quality Content.

In keeping with the rule “Content is King”, we’re always searching for opportunities to write and upload great content on websites. Search engines have shifted their focus towards content quality, and have provided guidelines and resources for achieving the same. By merging their different lists of requirements, here are ten of the most important characteristics of quality content.

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.0 Reviewed.

We are often in a position when we think that it would have been great if we could tweak some of the features of windows to our preferences and disabled a few non required services to get that extra push for your necessary services.

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker comes to our rescue, as itis a one stop tweaking application from The Windows Club. It is a totally free to use software which does not bundle any adware or any other form or advertisement with it.

Top 5 Best Baby Gifts for Babies.

Going to somebody’s baby shower or the birthday of any kid? The hard task here is selecting the best and the most perfect gifts for these little kids. There are a couple of gifts for the kids available in the market. However, the babies are too small that you just aren’t sure whether these gifts would be the right ones for them or not. So, why not go for personalized gifts? Personalized gifts, even if not very appealing, have a touch of belongingness attached to them. It is like that particular gift is only meant for them. Thus, the value of the gift is exponentially increased.

The Top 10 Android and iPhone Flight Simulation Games to Enjoy.

One of the wildest wishes of mankind is to fly in the sky. Well, the Wright brothers surely have made this wish come true but somehow, it had never been enough. That’s why today, there are lots of flight simulation games available for both Android and iPhone users and these games have given a new transformation to the whole video game genre.

6 Stats That Prove Web Designers Should Still Be Prioritizing SEO.

In the past three years, businesses have had to quickly adapt new strategies in response to the latest Google updates. According to Sydney web designer Ian Mills; ‘Paid results are losing effectiveness now that most users are savvy enough to know the difference between paid and organic results’. Adding to this problem, Google has modified the way they display paid results, making them harder to tell apart- in turn this encourages users to unknowingly click on them.