In recent times, a number of people are utilizing computers or laptops in their offices or homes in order to improve the productivity. When anyone is using the computer, typing speed plays a significant role in the business or work productivity. There are so many user interfaces available in order to serve for speeding up and facilitating typing and correcting or avoiding mistakes or errors the typist may create such as auto replace, auto complete and spell checker. Read More

If you download movies, softwares and games from the internet, then you will observe that the downloaded file extension is .ISO. Now, this is called an ISO. File? To make it easy to understand, Wikipedia describes it as “An ISO figure is a collection file (or Disc Image) of an ocular device.” The file annex can be .CDR for Mac OS X or ISO for WINDOWS. Read More

With the web based emails people get the ability to log on from any place, anytime- at work, at home, a mobile device, a friend’s home or even from a cyber café or public library. But let’s assume you forgot to log off from your account? There are so many scammers present all around, what if someone gets the hold of your account and now can easily access all your personal information. Read More

Today we are unveiling the top free website copier for your Apple’s Mac. So There are a lots of copier programs available, making it very confusing to a user which one to use according to their need. Here is list of some of the best and free website or webpage copier, you can use according to requirements.

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Hacking has taken a vast and anonymous look in today’s world. Either it’s a facebook account or any paypal account, its not any tough task to complete. You can either take help of any bots or scripts to hack any web account. We always need to create a strong password for our every account that we use on our daily basis. Many of the accounts are just hacked because of weak passwords.

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