Publish your book for free on Widbook

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Publish your book for free on Widbook

Anyone can write a book. But publishing it is a challenge all its own, especially for independent authors. If you’re an author or aspiring author, don’t panic. is a new online writing platform that came to break paradigms in the publishing industry, offering an opportunity for new authors and anyone who has something to say to show their work worldwide – freely and easily.

Get to know the main tools and how to get started on Widbook:

 Publishing your book

After registering on Widbook with your Facebook account or name and email address, you can easily publish your content right away, chapter by chapter. Or you can wait until you have your content more mature to publish. It’s up to you.


Widbook allows you to personalize your book cover and add multimedia elements, such as images, graphics, videos, links and designs to illustrate your stories and engage the reader. The book editor also offers functions and features for authors to customize the look and feel of their book.


The collaborative aspect of Widbook is what makes the platform unique. Anyone can ask for collaborations from other users. People can also build projects together and write books in groups, by inviting as many co-writers as they want to write the same book.


Widbook’s platform provides an interactive environment for authors and readers to easily connect. You can follow authors you like and add their books to your personal bookshelf, sharing it with everybody. Similarly, fans can follow you. Users can ask for feedback and leave comments, private messages, as well as rate and highlight the best parts of a book.

Improve your writing

Widbook’s blog offers tips from experts and articles to help you to improve your writing.

Start using today, just go to

Watch the video about the platform.

Widbook – Write, read and share! from Widbook on Vimeo.

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