Reduce Spam by using Identity Verification service by Telesign.

By Anurag -

If you wish to avoid spam or fake registration cases without exceeding service cost, you can make use of automatic identity verification service such as TeleSign. In case you need to spot a fraud or just want to know if all of your customers are genuine or not, automated phone verification system would be time saver and effective. eCommerce business confront loss because of fake online transactions made by forged ID’s. With phone number verification, it becomes easy to track a fraud for businessmen.

Authentication systems like TeleSign are not just useful for eCommerce websites but it can be beneficial for social networks as well. As several businesses create paid account on social networks to advertise themselves, they would expect real customers. Thus, social networks like Facebook and Tweeter ask their users to verify their mobile phone with automatic system like TeleSign Verify. Those who register Domains or Hosts would need to prevent any charge backs. Considerably less fraud would be possible if online Gaming, Cloud services and even Public sector registrations would be done after automatic reviewing process. Such systems not only prevent the fraud but it also cuts the cost of investigation and heightens the revenue.

TeleSign includes simple yet effective process to verify phone numbers. It requests the user to provide their mobile or landline number while registering in your eCommerce site, for instance. Then, TeleSign would send an SMS with a verification code or affirm the number with a Voice call. Users are asked to input the received code to verify their number before they register for your services. TeleSign offers different products for verities of security needs of online businesses. TeleSign products’ details are mentioned below.

TeleSign 2FA – This Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) of TeleSign uses phone for achieving that needed level of security. It is also very effective to improve the user experience without incrementing operating cost. As just username and password are not enough to keep user accounts secure, 2FA method is necessary to be implemented to forbid fraudulent commerce. That additional layer of security comes when the user verifies their number and enters their account with use of authentication code.

TeleBureau —TeleSing has this bureau where dishonest commerce is reported by online businesses that uses TeleBureau services. In formation like date and time of fake transactions, phone number and type of fraud is kept anonymous between TeleBureau partners. On a global scale, TeleBureau helps to block fraud without revealing private information of any person or company.

TeleSign Verify –As name states, it verifies the phone numbers before users can sign up. This is an automated step to block spam and improve safety level.

PhoneID Standard —This product is used to recognize the type of phone user has, which mostly can alert you about risky transactions. PhoneID standard is also effective when you use it with TeleSign Verify. PhoneID can find out who can receive an SMS and which number would support voice call only before the phone number is verified.

PhoneID Contact —This product is to understand features of the phone number provided by the user. TeleSign reflexes the information to companies like yours so that it can help them verify the accuracy. You can use TeleSign Verify along with this product to automate verification. You can also use this product to filter autocorrect wrongly formatted contact numbers.

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