Royalty Free Stock Photos at Depositphotos.

By Anurag -

Do you also get confused while choosing the best place to find amazing photos that too royalty free ones, then here you go – It is number one place for buying and selling royalty-free-files like photographs, vector images, videos, etc. It’s vast library includes more than 10 million files online which gets updated daily by around 100,000 new files. So you have wide variety and flexibility to choose your desired file.

Features :

1. API – It has API system, so you can easily get how many sales come via partnership and system integrations.

2. Search option – They are having smart search feature. So just type the keyword and it will suggest you the likely results as well as the related items.

3. Affiliate Program – They provide a option for affiliates too, so now you can enjoy the your sales and earn.

4. Bulk Submission – If you want to submit the files in bulk then no worry, they support bulk submission by hard drive too.


Pricing Plans :

This is the thing that differentiate Deposit Photos from other sites. It has suitable pricing plans for every users-

1. Free Trail – Yeah! You also have option to try it before you buy, it allows you a 7 days free subscription in which you can download 5 photos per day.

2. Payment with SMS – if you are a minor or you are lacking with an account, you can also pay through your mobile phone bill, replacing your credits with SMS.

3. Credit Plans – They offers variety of credit plans starts from a month to a year. Buy credits for a dollar and get tension free for any down time.

4. Subscription Plans – This plan is best for those who want to use the site frequently, choose any plan of your suit for a month or a year and download freely.

Account Features:

After signing up with any of this plans you can get full access to the vast library, from where you can search your desired image and download it for free.You can also track the number of photos or files you have purchased, invoices or the remaining credits you have left. It also allows to have a personal profile which can have your bio, image and the list of referrals to the site.

Special offers for Bloggers & Site Owners :

Are you a blogger or own any site, then it has an amazing bloggers program. As a blogger you must look for royalty-free-files for your website to become secure from future hassles. Deposit Photos work as a sponsors for blogs and website, so they can sponsor your website by providing a temporary subscription package which offers free download to variety of files that too for free.
All you need to do is promote their site by writing a content or in any offers or giveaways. You need to write a review that includes their plan and pricing option and the way you feel after using their service by attaching one do follow link to return to their site. The review must be original, after that they will give you a promo code for your account.

Else, if you are planning to run any giveaway or contest in your blog then you can contact them, they will sponsor you the prize subscription. Isn’t its cool J

Verdict :

Depositphotos launched in 2009 have proven it’s quality service in past 2 years. It’s amazing submission service with flexible pricing plans seems to be a gem on it. By looking on it overall Depositphotos is a safe and trustworthy site to use and sign up.

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