Save Money using Ring Central Phone System.

By Anurag -

To get success in your business and to take it to represent it as a brand, you cannot avoid using phone systems. Well, I am not talking about any simple Phone solution for your business. The technology has reached too high and having many phone lines for your business has become necessity to provide good support to your customers. RingCentral offers a VoIP solution to your business.

You can add as many phone lines as you want and can customize them as well according to your need. You need to suffer from any installation process and can start using this service as soon as your phone arrives to you.

Plans with Features.

They have three plans depending on the no. of users. All the plans come with awesome features and differ only in no. of users. The features that you get with every plan are:

1. Unlimited Calling.
2. One Toll Free No.
3. Unlimited Faxing.
4. One direct local number.
5. Customer Service And Number Porting.

If you have a phone no. for your business already, then you can port it with RingCentral. You can even order a brand new no. for you. The customer support is awesome and if you feel any problem in setting up the system, then you can ask for assistance and account advisor will help you. The best thing I like about them is that their phone system comes with 30 days trial and if you are not pleased with their phone system or customer support, then you can return them and can get your money back.

Reach To Smartphone.

RingCentral phone system has access to Smartphone as well. Keeping the craze of Smartphone in mind, they have developed apps for all major mobile systems. They have app for Blackberry, Android and iPhone as well. So you can have access to their service on your Smartphone and that also, while on the move. The availability of apps makes it convenient to use for the persons, who mostly stay busy on travel.

Notification Facility.

Adding up little more plus points in the RingCentral features, I must tell you that, notification facility is the other thing that I like the most. If there is any news about your Ringcentral phone system, bills, free minutes or regarding the security, then you will get notifications from them. They send notifications via SMS, Email and phone call as well. So if any important notification is there, then no chances are that you will miss it out.


I think you cannot anything better than this. RingCentral is perfect in every aspect whether it is features or customer support. The security is also very good and their downloadable software is compatible with all Microsoft Outlook. The price is also low which makes it better than the best. To obtain discounts, you may even use RingCentral Coupons or Ring Central Promo code, if available.

And not to forget, you can give try to it without any risk as it comes with 30 days money back facility. I am very pleased with their features and support. Not it’s your time. Give them a try today.

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