Should Small Businesses Buy Social Media Followers?


July 5, 2017BusinessNo comments

Social media is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing your business and building your brand.  There is a great deal of pressure to obtain as many followers as possible.  The challenging part is that this growth can take time as you get your name out there and find fans.

Some companies have decided to get a little assistance by purchasing social media followers.  While it may seem like an easy fix, there is more to a follower than some think.  Here we look at the good, bad and ugly of buying social media followers so that you can make the best decision for your small business.

Where to Go

Most business owners know that followers are a huge asset to have to help promote their business.  Maybe you have decided to cheat a little and purchase social media followers.  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  There are many corporations and celebrities who have taken the same route.  Fast Followerz is a service that charges $4 for 100 Twitter followers and claims to have real social media accounts. There are also companies like Fiverr and FollowerSale who sell active Twitter follower lists.  Even eBay has existing Twitter pages with 3,700 followers for purchase. Devumi is another service that claims to give your Pinterest, Vimeo, and YouTube pages a boost.  Just because these services exist, however, does not mean it is a fit for every brand.


There are some pros to buying social media followers.  The fact is, even though some accounts may be fake, the numbers will be real – which will give viewers the impression your company is in demand.  As we all know, others are likely to jump on the bandwagon if they perceive your brand being highly followed.  Finding those followers on your own takes time and money, and purchasing followers is certainly easier and cheaper.


The easier route may not always be the best route.  If you buy followers, you run the risk of purchasing fake accounts – which means your followers won’t be engaged in your social media content. Since they’re possibly fake profiles, you also can’t expect them to purchase your services and products or leave reviews. Make sure you consider these drawbacks to buying followers before you move forward.

Grow Your Own

Naturally, the desired way to grow social media followers is by doing it organically.  If you want to grow your followings naturally, try expanding your brand by sharing your social media links consistently. This means adding new content consistently too, so you have new things for your followers to see. Whether you have Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, share your links on your email, blogs and websites. Try to personalize your profiles and keep your content fresh and relevant by targeting your core audience on a consistent basis.  Hosting giveaways and promoting offers can also help increase following as can utilizing guest bloggers and brand ambassadors.

Gaining many followers overnight may seem like a no brainer for brands, but there are some pitfalls to consider. While it is necessary to have a good following, there could be some drawbacks to taking a shortcut to obtain them.  While growing your brand organically requires challenging work and strategy, it ultimately is the best way to gain your biggest fans.

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