The Best iPhone Apps 2012.

By Anurag -

The real glory of iPhone lies in its apps! There is not much value of this most appealing phone in the mobile world without its remarkable, handy apps. And this year, a lot of apps were there for the iPhone users to choose from! Right from task managers to video converters, the new apps have really made our iOS devices more valuable than ever. For many, the apps are really acting as guides or pals to provide instant help at any point of time in life. So, here are the best iPhone apps 2012 that most people admire!

Draw Something

This is one of the new innovative apps you would love to have! Via this app, you can ask your friends to guess the word you are drawing to obtain game currency for every guess, as per the difficulty level. This is like Hangman approaching Scrabble! In the beginning, you draw simple sketches but as and when you earn, you get more drawing tools for enhancement. So, it’s a game of fun for both children and adults alike.

Adaptu Wallet

This one is a great app for beginner and intermediate budgeting fans, which is filled with several features. With this app, you can see your latest balances in real-time, get bill reminders, estimate your expenses, track loyalty programs, and snap images of business cards and social security.


If you are a pure workaholic and work with your files in office, at home, or while traveling; then this syncing program is a necessity. This productivity tool allows storing and accessing your files in the cloud. Its simple interface allows easy uploading as well as quick syncing across accounts.


As the name suggests, this app is for those who love to create time-lapse and stop motion videos in an easy manner by deleting unnecessary frames or changing the number of frames per second. The beauty of this app is that it allows halting a project and resuming it at some point of time later.

N.O.V.A. 3

This game is perhaps the most refined first-person shooter that is available in the App Store. As expected, the app features heavy actions amidst aliens, with five hours of firing guns for a single-player crusade. For more fun, you can play it online in a multi-player mode to challenge 12 players in battles.


No typical iOS look but yet this app is one of the most worthy task managers to have! It is truly meant for people who love a simple task manager. It is simple because there are no advanced features such as location alerts or setting time. In this app, the items are listed in a heat map and new items can be created by dragging, pinching items apart, or tapping at the bottom.

The Daily for iPhone

No longer is this an iPad-only newspaper! It’s now available as a cheap version of The Daily with a layout of a blend of Facebook and Sparrow. The distinct feature of this app is its selection of free ad-supported daily stories that is not available for the tab version. So, whip out the App Store and download these most beloved apps of 2012!

Quick Tip : Sustain your touchscreen display mobile phone ability to support multiple applications by having a high-output phone charger.

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  1. I would like to add some more great apps to this list irrespective of the year. They are zite app, Climate clock app, fantastical, 8 tracks & Wake N Shake app. Try out these cool apps you will love it.

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