The Lowdown on Remote Employee Monitoring Software.

By Anurag -

For most companies, not using remote employee monitoring software translates into lost revenue for the company. A whopping 64% of employees admit they spend more time surfing the internet than completing their work leaving employers seeking the best ways to monitor employee efficiency by tracking how and when they work.

The Activities of Wasted Time

It’s hard to imagine most of your workforce regularly spends un-related work time on the internet, reading magazines or books, playing card games, and searching for jobs. Of that number, many are spending up to five hours a week wasting company time. What’s the number one reason workers feel they can slack off at work? Most are not idyllically matched with their job; many are not challenged, some are bored, but for the most part employees know there is no one watching.

A recent survey revealed the top five websites that keep employees off task include:
1. Facebook
2. LinkedIn
3. Amazon
4. Google
5. Yahoo!

It’s really no surprise that these five websites distract and decrease productivity. More than 40 percent of people, age 18 to 35 admit they spend a large portion of their day socializing on Face book, as well as sending and responding to tweets.

For example, an HR Manager receives a press release on time management and how to increase work productivity. How captivating is a press release on improving your time and productivity? It distracts you and compels you to click the link, taking you away from your workload. Now consider how many times that happens in the office, and how many employees are affected.Ease transaction headaches by installing a simple to use finance software on your personal 8GB Lenovo ThinkPad.

Many times upper management has a difficult time pinpointing where money is being wasted, only to learn most of the employees are not completing assignments. Today, remote employee monitoring software is just good business sense.

3 Ways to Combat a Wasted Workday

There are several effective ways employers can combat wasted employee time:

1. Install Remote Employee Monitoring Software: today’s software allows the boss to monitor productivity from anywhere. For example, one popular employee monitoring software, My Team Monitor, has the advantage of being managed from the cloud, and easily accessed from any internet browser. There are no extraneous servers, and requirements for licensing or other IT requirements, simply download the software, install and start using. Another plus is that the company can display in full sight of employee or stealth mode.

2. Educate employees on use of the internet during work hours: employees should know the rules and the consequences of misusing the company’s computers. In addition, require all employees to read and sign the company policies, acknowledging the guidelines for computer usage. It’s good business practice to enforce policies on personal internet time which will quickly boost employee productivity.

3. Make sure your employees are completing their work and meeting work expectations: remote software can also help managers determine if they should need to increase the workload or distribute employees to other offices.

The internet has become an evil distraction to every business, and while the web obviously has a place in the business world, it certainly shouldn’t be a daily staple that decreases revenue.

Neil Bachand has learned how to keep employees on track and increase profitability. He has extensive experience with different software solutions and enjoys sharing his knowledge by blogging. Visit to learn how you can increase worker productivity using software.

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