Three Windows 8 Apps Worth Checking Out.

By Anurag -

The introduction of Windows 8 has been followed by several windows downloads in the form of apps and software. For establishing the revamped operating system among the large number of Window users, the Redmond Company has been working hard to make the most out of its new Windows Store.

It’s now easy to enhance the computer running Windows 8 with games, tools, multimedia and productivity apps with a simple click of a button. However, finding apps can be a challenge as there are thousands available at the Store.

Here’s a list of decent apps worth checking out for Windows 8.

1.  My Server

My Server is the latest in-house offering from Microsoft. It allows users to customize and open shared files on severs that rely on Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Users can also use the app to find and search documents on Windows 8 machines and the shared folder placed on the server. It also acts as a top notch administrative tool, allowing the operator to manage files and devices directly on the server.


The app becomes a necessary download for those who rely on their server for catching movies and TV shows. It supports media playback streaming as a standard. My server also grants users the ability to view a file that was recently-opened without the requirement of being connected to the server.

2.  Norton Satellite

Windows 8 has apps that seamlessly integrate with social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. However, users need to be careful of malware and malicious links. This is where Norton Satellite app comes in. Apart from scanning the Twitter and Facebook feeds for suspicious links, it also keeps an eye on the files placed in SkyDrive and Dropbox, notifying users of the trustworthiness and reputation of different files and URLs.


Windows 8 users can keep their feeds save from any security threats through Norton Satellite and also use the software to scan files on the system itself. The app works on all devices running Windows 8 which can include a desktop, smartphone, laptop or tablet. The compatible file times include .exe, .dll and .msi. The app makes sure users don’t to worry about malicious files from anonymous users through social media.

3.  Multimedia 8

Windows Media Center has been a part of Windows for several years, but has lived in the shadow of third party softwares that fulfilled the needs of users. With Windows 8, Redmond dropped the tool as a built-in, and made it available as an add-on (which isn’t free). However, users may not even remember there was a Windows Media Center after downloading Multimedia 8.


The app doesn’t take long to load videos or music files, something that adds to its appeal. It displays large buttons in the form of tiles which clearly indicate the functions that can be performed; hitting the music tile plays music and shows the music library. There are playback controls while playing tracks, with the volume slider at the top. A lot of bonus features are there as well such as DLNA media streaming, 3D video support, subtitle support, video and audio capture etc.

Most of the softwares and apps used in the previous version of Windows were created by third-party developers, but now Microsoft is taking the matter into their own hands, releasing useful apps for all those who’re on the latest version of its OS.

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