Tools to Recognize the Font used on Websites.

By Anurag -

These days there are hundreds and hundreds of fonts in different sizes available for the users. These fonts come in various styles and serve different functions. They prove to be very helpful in expressing an image or a picture. It might seem to be a fun task but selecting the correct and relevant font can be very difficult at times. Since there are many fonts available and some of them even look identical it becomes quite difficult to find the exact and the perfect font for a particular task.

With the growing technology a lot of tools have been invented that can help in identifying the fonts easily and efficiently. Using these tools can save you a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent on tracking the correct font. Just to make it easier for you we have mentioned below the finest ways to select the Web font that will save your time and energy:

1) What Font Tool.

You can use this tool as a bookmarklet for Google Chrome or Safari that will make it easier for you to find out the fonts that are used on a particular website. You just have to download and install the What Font tool in your browser and simply activate it when you go to a page where you need information about the font. When you hover the mouse on the text it will display the name of the font. This tool works with the API and Typekit but does not show the results on images, logos and pictures.

2) What the Font.

what the fontUnlike the What Font tool this tool helps to get the font details from the pictures and images as well. This tool is capable of breaking the pictures into smaller parts and provides you the information about every letter just like solving a CAPTCHA. This process can be time consuming and tiresome if you have a lot of text and it might not give you the exact font information but the font suggested will be similar to the one used in the text.

3) What Font Is.

what the font is
This application also breaks the image into various parts to find the font information but along with that it has additional features like the ability to find the font with its name, ability to sort by commercial/ free fonts, etc. You can use both the tools ( What the Font and What Font Is) in case only one doesn’t work. It will give you a second opinion about the font that you actually wanted.

4) Identifont.

Last but not the least is Identifont tool that is useful if you have a lot of text or characters. Identifont does not work like the other tools instead it asks you certain questions regarding the font that you are looking for. This helps in narrowing down the possible options and you can simply look at each option and find the one that you wanted.

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