Top 4 360 Degree Cameras


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Ever wonder what people mean when they talk about an immersive or 360 degree video? Fundamentally, it is a kind of video that uses various cameras overlapping in the field of vision to form a 360×180 degree interactive video where the audience can influence the viewpoint to perceive everything they desire.

360-degree videos is being used in all kinds of ways from realtors taking 360 images of a home to capturing live events like poker tournaments where viewers can then watch the video and pan around for a truly immersive experience. This filming technique brings the viewer into the action like they were actually there. The advantage of this kind of video is that it allows you to stare in every direction not only where one camera might be pointing. It’s regularly formed using a system of numerous cameras that simultaneously record every angle of a scene. Have you ever desired to see from the perspective of a race car driver? Well, with 360-degree video and virtual reality, you will be able to do just that.

Here are the top 4 360 degree cameras that are currently available:

  1. Ricoh Theta

This type is possibly the most excellent immersive or VR camera for private purposes out of all the 360 degrees cameras that are lately accessible. When you purchase this camera, you will enjoy shooting in around 1080p at 30fps for about 25 minutes at a time. In addition to that, is also has the capability to live stream your 360-degree videos and what’s more the footage is movable to either your mobile device or phone without requiring hooking up to a personal computer first.


  • It has full HD video streaming capabilities
  • 8GB of internal memory
  • Dual 12mp one/ 2.3-inch image sensors paired with bright f/2 twin lenses
  • Sensitivity ranges from 1so 100-1600
  • Support for built-in WI-FI
  1. Bublcam

This is a spherical device that features four lenses with a 190-degree field of view. It’s a 360-degree camera that has no blind spots. It’s paired with 5-megapixel sensors that allow the Bublcam to shoot the video together with stills in a 100% spherical range.


  • HDR and time lapse photos
  • Tilt pan and Virtual reality functions
  • It serves up to     1440x1440p footage at only 30 fps
  1. Nokia OZO

One of the sexiest looking cameras is the Nokia OZO. Its appearance resembles something out of a Tom Cruise sci-fi film, and that is exactly what it is. This camera can capture 360-degree audio content and spatial video. This is one of the pricer cameras but with the quality it puts out is aimed at high end VR filmmakers.


  • Has a battery
  • 500GB
  • Hard drive which will cater for 45 minutes of capture
  • 8 microphones
  • Eight 2k-by-2k sensors
  1. Giroptic

This palm-sized egg shaped action camera aims to be the GoPro of 360 degree cameras. With GPS enables software, a connected app and live streaming capabilities this waterproof camera is set to be a hit with millennials on the go. The camera can also double as a surveillance system with a built-in light bulb adapter you can screw it into a ceiling or outdoor light fixture to watch your home while you’re away.


  • Three 185 degree fisheye lenses which enable the camera to capture and sew jointly a sphere of HD video in real time
  • Built in WI-FI
  • GPS radio

360 degree cameras are not entirely new but as the product has been perfected. With software implemented for live streaming and distribution channels like YouTube and Facebook accepting 360 videos, the future looks bright and the applications endless.

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