Top 5 Free Music Streaming Sites.

By Anurag -

Entertainment is always an Important part of our daily life and Music has always been in the category of Entertainment. Well, you can prefer buying an Audio CD for the songs but if you want to enjoy the latest music without a single penny, then you can listen these Music Online.

Well, if you are fed up of doing some work online and want some fascinating relaxation, then Prefer the Sites given below which help you to List New Sings Albums Online and Enjoy the Music on the GO!!! Well, you may find many Websites for doing Listening free music Online over the Internet but here I will be sharing some really Great, Free and Most Suggested Free Music Streaming Sites to listen free Music Online.
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1. Grooveshark


As far as I have concerned and researched, Grooveshark is the first choice for most people around the netizens who want to Listen free Music Online. The range of the Music Songs and Albums is really huge. You just need to enter the name of the Sing,Film or Artist and then Just Search to get the results. However, it has huge range which can be extended if you subscribe to its premium package. However, It is total free but premium  Subscription is optional.

2. Pandora


However, Pandora is quite older ones among the All Music websites. And it has been growing it’s authority since long and it has a great range of music. Still, Pandora is only available for the people of US which also offers a free ad service.

3. Spotify


Spotify, Another Great free Music Streaming service that has been growing itself rapidly since the past.  It also comes with various premium features that you must give a try. However, I think that it is quite effective site various features.


Lastfm is another great site to listen new music albums online. However, also has various features that can be unlocked via subscription depending upon your home’s use. It has a great Music Streaming Services which also provides great user experience.

5. We7


We7 is the most Latest version of services introduced in UK. We7 has most features for free but to unlock several more features, you need to register your self there. However, it comes with more then 5 Million tracks for UK and Ireland people.

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  1. I love grooveshark, it’s interface is great! I also wanted to try another service so I started using music.torchbrowser and it’s also great. Thanks for the cool review!

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