Top Three Cameras with Technological Advancements.

By Anurag -

Technological advancements haven’t been limited to computers, tablets and smartphones. There has been a lot of development in the technology of taking pictures over the last decade.

Apart from the usual megapixels, ISO and auto focus performance in cameras and picture-taking devices, groundbreaking features have been introduced which have taken photography to another level. Recent camera releases have introduced new technology for consumers. Here are some recent cameras with interesting new technology that are being used at professional level and photography schools.

1. Nikon 1

The Nikon 1 introduced ‘smart technology’ that captures 20 pictures during the photo taking process, and recommending the best 5 later on based on each moment. It also improves the auto focus feature as the user doesn’t have to wait for the focus to be locked.


Motion Snapshot is another major feature of the Nikon 1. The user is able to record a slow-motion video footage by pressing the shutter, and stills can be combined with the video, making a single segment. The built-in Wi-Fi ensures users can share all captured content on social media on the go.

2. Lytro light-field Camera

Lytro introduced its light-field camera, which takes into account where the light is travelling, and using the information to form a picture or a series with different points of focus. There’s a microlens technology in the sensor, and according to the angle of the user, the incoming light is scattered by the device.


There’s an ‘everyday’ point and shoot mode, which allows the user to take instant snaps without worrying about the focus, while the ‘creative mode’ allows the camera to refocus the lens around the point defined by the user. The camera has native software and connects to the computer through USB. Lytro has kept the price of the light field tech camera affordable, allowing amateurs to capture amazing photos.

3. Samsung NX1000

This camera is known for its Wi-Fi and social sharing technology, along with the 12,800 ISO range. The camera brings Smart Auto 2.0 technology, which is used to choose the correct scene mode from the 16 available through analysis of the shooting environment.


Users don’t have to worry about being in the wrong mode when taking photos, as the camera is going to pick the correct mode automatically, allowing the capture of great-quality images.

The advancements in photography technology and the affordable prices of cameras are providing opportunities to amateurs to find part-time work, without having to compromise their education or day jobs. They’re able to share their work on blogs, social media and other platforms, creating a portfolio and finding potential clients.

Technologies advancements in photography will continue to be made, allowing for better motion sensors, faster lenses, gesture recognition, live view focus masking and advanced integration with devices such as smartphones, tablets etc.

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