Video Led Digital Transformation.


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A hot trend capturing brands this year is digital transformation. The brands need to be aware of the digital know-how surrounding them else they are likely to perish early. The transformation is associated with intrinsic change in mindset of the brand and the consumers alike. The digital platforms provide an opportunity for the marketers and entrepreneurs to measure their investment along with a curated reach and heavy impact. Video led route adopted by the brands play a pivotal role in engaging the customers digitally. YouTube is the market player in the video led experience and no other site hosts as many videos as YouTube does.


Power of video on the masses.

YouTube tends to boast of over 3 million YouTube views per day and is heavily used by marketers. The site is global in nature and captures the global market en masse. Apart from YouTube, Facebook is also entering the video segment. A minute long video consists of over 1.8 million words; this brings out the powerfulness of a video. Marketers are evolving their strategies around video led routes primarily and are trying to integrate it around small videos that tend to go viral. Advertisers can even feature their ads on YouTube, which can be skipped or played as a whole. This brings in the awareness and top of mind recall. Brands tend to buy spaces and slots on the YouTube platform and bombard the viewers with video at times. This might have a negative impact, largely due to force and aggression. However, the end result yields a lot of engagement and brownie points.
YouTube for business.

YouTube benefits the consumers and brands with multiple features. The brands can have their own channels that work as a repository for their videos. The same is often used as a brand show reel for presentations and evaluations. The channels are free and paid; brands tend to opt for the paid ones due to flexibility in features, offerings and terms and conditions. The site also has a provision for evaluating and analyzing the success metrics and viewers’ behavior. It gives the brands the opportunity to track audience response against the videos posted. These come in the form of comments, views and recommendations. Video led routes often lead to easy conversions and sales; the videos and ads are hyperlinked and take the user to the product/service page.

The importance of views.

The viewers have a tendency to judge the credibility of the video based on views. YouTube views boost the viewers’ confidence towards the offering and lead to conversion, word of mouth and even strong loyalty. The marketers can boast 5 billion views reached or even 10 million views achieved to push the target audience. At times the same can be bought using credible websites to add on to the gimmick. Although Google and YouTube have strict protocols against bought users, a small margin of bought views doesn’t hurt. An initial base of views acts as a leg up for organic viewers to keep watching it. They might subscribe to the brand’s channel and not miss out on updates and new video postings.

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